Doesn’t a good rescue story make you smile, Green Monsters? If so, you’re sure to be left grinning from ear to ear after hearing about sweet rescued sheep Kimie, who was taken in by the kind folks of Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary in Galicia, Spain.

When she originally arrived, she was in a sorry state. Mino Valley staff said: “We rescued Kimie nearly four months ago after she was attacked by a dog and the owners didn’t want to treat her wounds. They wanted to kill her instead.” Luckily, Kimie’s compassionate vet did not comply with her guardians’ wishes, instead deciding to send her to Mino Valley, where staff would care enough about her to fight for her life. However, Kimie had a long road ahead of her before she was able to recover from her ordeal.

One of her carers said, “The main dog bite had become infected and formed a hole in her neck that was so big my entire fist could fit inside. She couldn’t eat, was in absolute agony and was heavily pregnant! Since then she’s given birth and made incredible progress. But the infection has still not gone and has been moving around the neck so we still have to give her special treatment every day.”

This is Kimie when she first arrived at Mino Valley: extremely nervous, ill, and unwilling to trust any human.

A few days after coming to the sanctuary, she dared to venture outside for the first time.

This picture, taken earlier this month, shows Kimie accepting some love from one of her caretakers after her wound had been freshly cleaned.

Here she is with BFF Fernando the burro! Their carers said, “ever since Kimie arrived Fernando has taken care of her, looked out for her, and kept her company, especially when she was pregnant and waiting for the gorgeous little Hakeem to be born.”

“Were you hoping I’d let you get a few minutes’ sleep, Fernando? No can do – it’s playtime!”

And here she is with her beautiful baby boy, Hakeem! Could the pair be any cuter?


Her carers said, “This poor girl has been through so much and we hope that soon her wounds will have finally healed, so she can focus on enjoying her new life with her baby boy.”

Thanks to their dedicated efforts – not to mention the loving support of Fernando and Hakeem – it looks like she is well on the road to a happy, fulfilling life! To help donate to these sweet animals’ ongoing care, click here.

All image source: Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary