If you’re a dog lover, you likely enjoy kisses from your furry child on a regular basis. Dogs, however, aren’t the only animals who love to give kisses, though! A cow named Faith loves to kiss everyone she meets at Farm Sanctuary, including her caretakers and visitors. According to the sanctuary, her tongue is so big and powerful, she has literally lifted the shirts off of guests! Her “superpower” has earned her the name of Exfoliator!

Faith’s loving spirit comes from a place of just that — faith. Her rescue involved putting a lot of faith in people, and thankfully it paid off as they brought her to Farm Sanctuary where she could live her days doing what she does best … kissing. If this behavior surprises you, then you’ll be even more shocked to learn that cows are actually very similar to your pets at home. They are very social animals who can make lifelong friends, are affectionate, and intelligent, having their own preferences, dislikes, and personalities!


Faith is one of the lucky few who managed to escape a life of suffering or death on dairy farms – but countless other cows will not have the same luck. Farm Sanctuary does their best to change the lives of as many animals as they can by giving them a safe space to live out their lives in peace. To read about Faith’s journey to Farm Sanctuary, click here