When a kind person saw Sparrow the chicken wandering around a Southern California park, scared and abandoned, they immediately called for help. An animal control officer successfully caught the chicken and took her to the local shelter. From there, Farm Sanctuary was able to adopt the feathered gal and bring her back to their Southern California shelter.

Miraculously, Sparrow had survived out on her own, despite only having one foot. It seems as thought she lost a foot and half a leg in some sort of trauma, although not recently. Farm Sanctuary believes that because Sparrow is a gamefowl hen, she was used for cockfighting, which is sadly popular in Southern California.

Cockfighting is a blood sport that has been around for hundreds of years and it is one of the most atrocious industries imaginable for the poor birds involved. To increase their aggression, the birds are tormented by having their beaks and feathers pulled, and all of this goes on with a crowd of cheering and shouting spectators, creating a truly terrifying experience for them.

More than likely, Sparrow lived with a cockfighting breeder who dumped her at a park after realizing that she had lost half of her limb, requiring specialized care.

But that is all behind Sparrow now! This beautiful gal is now slowly but surely adjusting to a peaceful life at Farm Sanctuary.

Despite missing part of her leg, Farm Sanctuary says she gets around well. Sparrow uses her wing to stabilize her and hops about on the other leg. 

One of Sparrows favorite past times is dust-bathing! We love this sweet video of Sparrow enjoying what comes naturally to her. 


Sparrow has settled in with a small special-needs flock that Farm Sanctuary calls, “The Misfits.” Sparrow is now one of their crew, peacefully enjoying her days with her new friends.

At first, Sparrow was shy around people, but she has since warmed up. She will even occasionally fly up from the ground to perch on people’s shoulders, looking for affection, which they happily oblige! 

We’re so happy you have a loving, forever home, Sparrow!



Sparrow may receive a prosthetic in the future, but no matter what this sweet gal will spend the rest of her life safe and happy. Share this post with a friend to brighten their day!

For more information about Farm Sanctuary’s work to end farm abuse, visit their website.

Image Source: Farm Sanctuary/Tumblr