Following their most recent rescue of a baby orangutan in West Borneo, International Animal Rescue (IAR) have put out an urgent appeal to save this animal and many more … before it’s too late. As can be seen in the above video, little Asoka – who came to the IAR team weighing just 4.4 pounds – is very small and vulnerable, requiring round-the-clock care.

In a moving statement issued after Asoka’s rescue, Alan Knight, CEO of IAR, said:

Little Asoka is the latest orangutan to come into our center. He is as cute and contented as can be but his story is typical of the tragic fate threatening the survival of orangutan populations in Borneo and Sumatra. As the palm oil industry continues to devour the rainforest, more and more orangutans are left homeless, hungry and vulnerable to hunters. The adults are killed while the babies are torn from their dying mothers and taken to be sold as pets.

If ever there was a time to act to save the orangutan, that time is now. Our team in Indonesia is working flat out to rescue and care for these victims of deforestation, but the number in need of help just keeps on growing. Rescue centres like ours are overflowing with animals undergoing rehabilitation in preparation for their return to the wild. But by the time little Asoka is ready for release, will there be any forest left for him to return to?

Today is the day, now is the time for everyone to act to help orangutans. At International Animal Rescue we are tackling the problem on every level and we need all the help we can get.

One of the most important steps you can take to help save the orangutan is by leaving palm oil out of your shopping basket. You can also support IAR’s lifesaving work by donating to them, or symbolically adopting an orangutan, sloth bear, or slow loris.