Those Canada geese seem to be everywhere, but how did they end up on the interstate?! As much as people complain about these often invasive, loud and messy birds, we don’t want to see them get smashed by commuters, especially not with five little goslings in tow. This video gets pretty tense as some of the goslings, which can’t fly, wander dangerously close to traffic.

A few tenderhearts used their vehicles to guide and shield the peripatetic birds, tying up the flow of traffic considerably. Would you believe the police then closed the interstate completely as they stepped in to finish saving them? Using extreme caution, they were able to save every last member of the avian family.


This is just one of those videos that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Just when it seems no one cares about wildlife, we see people work together to help animals (nuisance birds, no less), putting their little lives above the hustle and bustle of business and commerce.

Image source: Jason Pratt / Wikipedia Commons