An amazing example of instant life-saving action recently took place in the boating lake at Alexandra Palace in North London. Very literally “in” the lake, as it was there a woman bravely saved her dog, who had fallen into the ice-cold water. The dog fell through the ice on the top of the lake and was running the serious risk of suffering from hypothermia or even drowning if left there for too long.

Incredibly, the woman acted immediately – without losing a moment, she took off her coat, shoes, and socks, got into a buoyancy ring, and went right into the water to save the animal. She spent over five minutes in the freezing water but succeeded at rescuing her dog and bringing him back to safety.


This act of determination and bravery shows just how fast people’s decisions can be when they encounter an emergency. The woman’s response was a great testament to her love for her dog friend and will-power to help no matter how risky getting into the lake of freezing water was. It is important to remember that in situations like this, we should not disregard our own safety but judge whether our attempt at rescuing an animal will not be dangerous to us. We are full of admiration for such bravery!