When Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) received a call from the guardian of a female long-tailed macaque, who had recently suffered a stroke and could no longer take care of the monkey, there was no question that they would come and save her.

 The macaque was kept as a pet for a staggering five years. Most of the time she was held in a small cage, located in the garden. She was never even given a name during that time. WFFT has now named her Wan Jai, appropriately meaning “sweetheart.”

WFFT was told  Wan Jai had been “rescued” as an infant after her mother was killed by a car. Sadly, the injuries from this accident are still visible on Wan Jai. She has a deformed spine, as well as some trouble walking and climbing.

Now Wan Jai is at the WFFT Wildlife Hospital, under the supervision of their veterinary team while she settles into her new life.

WFFT is hopeful that in the future, Wan Ji will be integrated into one of the existing troops of macaques living in one of their large open top fields.

We wish you nothing but the best, Wan Jai! 



According to WFFT, macaques are commonly regarded as pests due to the expansion of agricultural land across the country, as a result, their population numbers are becoming endangered. Sadly, this means that as humans continue to encroach on macaque territory, these primates will keep being killed or captured for sale as pets. If we hope to preserve this wild species, it is imperative that we treat every individual with the utmost care and respect. Luckily, Wan Jai is in great hands with the WFFT, and we can only hope that she recovers fully.

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All Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand/Facebook