Oh, no! There’s a kitten stuck up in that tree!

Relax, there’s no need to call the fire department, because mother cat has everything under control. Watch as this pretty calico mom listens to her baby’s cries, then rushes up the tree to help. At first it appears that she’s going to carry the kitten down to safety, but instead she demonstrates the proper method of trunk descent and shows that climbing isn’t as scary as it seems. You know what they say — teach a person to fish and they’ll eat for life.


This little lesson shows that animals aren’t so different from you and me. In nature, mothers respond to their baby’s emotions and show them the ropes just like people do. In fact, some of today’s parents could learn a thing or two from the cat in this video — instead of doing everything for your child, let them figure things out for themselves with a little guidance when needed.

Image source: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue/Flickr