Gucci’s recent announcement that they are going fur-free is definitely a sign of the times. As consumers become more educated and aware of the animal cruelty that occurs behind the closed doors of their favorite fashion houses, real fur is no longer a profitable commodity. When Armani recognized the change in consumer demands, they denounced the use of fur, now Gucci has followed suit, and it’s about time that Versace does the same.

For years now, other top-notch brands such as Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, and Calvin Klein have been fur-free, showing that successful brands don’t need fur! A petition has been started on Care2 to encourage Versace to join these leagues and ditch the pelts from their lines.

Animals on fur farms suffer unimaginable cruelty from electrocution to even being skinned alive. Each year one billion innocent animals including rabbits, minks, and foxes endure miserable lives of being confined in tiny, unsanitary cages only to brutally tortured and killed. Don’t be fooled by fur farms claiming to “care” for their animals. Fur farms are businesses, these precious souls will never live the lives they deserve until they are no longer exploited for money. No coat, purse, or shoe is worth the pain and suffering of another living being.

What is stopping Versace from seeing what other top brands have recognized? Fur is literally a dying material that is completely unnecessary. While it is clearly evident, let’s give Versace a push to end the use of fur in their fashion by signing the petition and sharing it with family, friends, and fashion lovers. If all the top fashion houses go fur-free, smaller brands are sure to follow suit, ending cruel fur farming once and for all.

Image Source: Unsplash