As dog lovers everywhere will know, our canine companions never stop showing us how to live life to the fullest. They have been known to save humans’ lives, reach out to those who need it the most, and even help their guardians to find love!

But when the bond between a loving dog and his or her guardian is broken by death, that is often when they show us just how loyal and caring they can be.

Mindi, a service dog with This Able Veteran (TAB) – which helps traumatized war veterans to re-adjust to everyday life – proved her own love and loyalty to her human companion, Caroline Wylie, after Wylie died in a car crash back in February.

The accident occurred when Wylie and black Labrador Mindi were driving back home on Route 3 after a training session. While Wylie died in the crash, her caring service dog stood guard over her body for two days, in spite of the long wait and freezing temperatures.

“When no-one had heard from (Wylie) we knew that something had to be really amiss,” says Behesha Doan, TAB executive director. When the car wreck was found, Doan was amazed to discover that Mindi “actually hadn’t gone to the bathroom in the vehicle for over two days.”

However, Mindi has been quick to bounce back from the tragedy, and is currently back in training with TAB. “She just falls in line,”  says Doan. “She’s doing really well.”

In June, she will be paired with a former soldier suffering PTSD and anxiety, to help them “get back to their children’s ball games. Get back to being able to go to a store by themselves.”

TAB are currently narrowing down the list of potential matches for Mindi. The eventual match will go through extensive training sessions with the plucky canine, before returning home with her after a graduation ceremony in July.

Doan believes the bond between Mindi and her new charge will be aided by the fact that both will share a history of trauma. “Mindi was rescued. Then she rescued Caroline, and Caroline’s light lives on, and Mindi’s going to rescue someone else.”

One thing is for sure: whoever is assigned to work with this wonderful dog will be one lucky person!

Image source: Pete Markham / Flickr