With so many suspects in a blended home of humans and pets, it can be difficult to know who exactly the guilty party is when property damage occurs. Oh, who are we kidding? Ninety-nine percent of the time pet parents DO indeed know the culprit. Just confront your suspect, then ask a few simple questions and viola … you’ve got your man or woman, or cat, or dog!

Watch as this adorable puppy gets ruffly interrogated by her human about partially eaten money — and it appears to be more than a one dollar bill! Looks like some-puppy is going to have to dip into her biscuit funds to pay back her parents.

But wait! At one point in the video it appears the puppy is being led into admitting guilt. Does this mean there’s a possibility the pup is innocent of this pricey crime? Does she have an apology coming? Watch the video for yourself to find out what happens!

Image source: Caden Crawford / Flikr