There is a huge disconnect between the animals we keep as pets and the animals we use for food. We spend millions of dollars each year pampering our dogs and buying fun toys for our cats, but farm animals, as sentient and intelligent as they may be, are tortured in the animal agriculture industry. NY Farm Animal Save is working to change this social construct by educating the public about the plight of farm animals and getting people to question why we love some animals, but treat others like commodities.

NY Farm Animal Save has teamed up with NJ Farm Animal Save, Animal Protection League of NJ, and the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary to raise awareness about the cruelty animals endure in the food industry through their PATH to Compassion campaign. The goal of this campaign is to create and display moving posters on the PATH train between New York and New Jersey for one month this year.


“The campaign is all about planting seeds and having people question the fact that we love certain animals but feel okay eating others,” Miriam Chisholm of NY Farm Animal Save writes to One Green Planet.

Group Raises Funds to Spread Awareness of Farm Animals on the PATH


After starting this organization a little over a year ago, Chisholm heard about a campaign their sister organization, Toronto Pig Save, carried out on a subway in Canada. They created posters posing a simple question: “Why is it ok to eat some animals but not others?”


Seeing the impact of the ad, Chisholm decided to do a similar campaign on the PATH train in New York and New Jersey.

“It was actually a poster just like the one that I saw five years ago that made me question my own ethics and soon after, I went from omnivore to vegan,” writes Chisholm. “I work in Manhattan so I ride the PATH train myself pretty much every day and I thought it would be a great way to reach people in both NY and NJ.”

The group of organizations is working together to raise the $10,000 it will take to purchase the posters and pay the PATH train to hang them for the month of May.

Committed to promoting compassion towards all sentient beings, these posters will help NY Farm Animal Save get their message out on a massive scale. By having the poster up only one month, they will reach about seven and a half million passengers, giving them all a chance to stop and think about the question at hand.


If you are interested in donating to this cause, you can visit NY Farm Animal Save’s “Path to Compassion” Indiegogo page.

“We’re all thrilled to be working on this campaign together and bringing the vegan message to the masses,” writes Chisholm. It is truly all about getting people to stop and think about the effect their actions can have.


Lead image source: Kimberly Janisch/Flickr