Ever wonder how pugs and shih tzus get those punched in noses? Well, this clip might just solve the mystery.

“No, no, little puppy! That’s not how you use a bed. It’s for sleeping, not for face-plants! If you keep squishing your face in like that, it might stay that way,” you can imaging someone saying.


This little guy is taking jumping on the bed to a whole new level of funny. Nose diving into a mattress doesn’t really sound all that comfortable, but this dog looks like he’s having the time of his life. It’s his first time on a mattress though, and he seems to be enjoying the springy sensation. He’s certainly putting on an entertaining show for his human family.

Pets bring a lot of entertainment and joy to their people’s lives, and who know’s, maybe that’s why this pup is doing this in the first place. He knows it makes his people smile!