Dairy cows on factory farms suffer unimaginable pain, both physically and emotionally. Cows are usually forcibly impregnated (because cows can’t produce milk unless they are pregnant, like humans) and their babies are ripped away from them at birth, to ensure they don’t consume any of that milk, which is intended for people. Male calves will be sold for veal or raised to produce dairy themselves.

Mother cows cry out in pure anguish when their babies are taken from them, and some have even attempted to chase down the trucks that carry their babies away. However, there is one lucky cow at FreeHearts Animal Sanctuary in Northeast Tasmania who has been blessed with the chance to keep her own baby calf for the very first time!


After three hours of difficult labor assisted by the caretakers at the sanctuary, mama Beatrice gave birth, on Valentine’s Day, to a beautiful big boy named Luca — what a perfect Valentine!

Luca means “bringer of light,” which certainly suits this darling calf.

With the help from caretakers, Beatrice will be able to raise her own baby for the first time in her life!

We are so thrilled for Beatrice and wish her and Luca the best of health and happiness! To stay posted on this adorable mother and son duo, follow the FreeHearts Animal Sanctuary Facebook page.


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Many people are unaware of the pain and sadness cows endure in the commercial dairy industry, so make sure you share this with your friends and family!

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All Image Source: FreeHearts Animal Sanctuary/Facebook