It’s here! It’s finally here! The end to India’s import of cosmetics that have been tested on animals has finally kicked into action. Needless to say, we’re thrilled by this news. The ban has been a long time coming and involved lots of hard work from Humane Society International, Cruelty Free International and their Indian partner, People For Animals.

This final piece of India’s ban solidifies the country’s already standing policy against the use of animals for cosmetic testing and marks a landmark win for animals and activists across the world! With the final implementation of the ban on imported cosmetics that were produced via animal testing, India has become the very first cruelty-free cosmetic zone in South Asia!


Although the official ban was passed a month ago, businesses were given a month to adjust accordingly. Starting today, any cosmetic imported into the country is to be cruelty-free. How awesome is that!

Cruelty Free International’s chief executive, Michelle Thew stated of this monumental victory, “This marks the next step in the movement to make the entire world cruelty-free, and we urge countries around the globe to build on this momentum and take decisive action for animals in laboratories.”

The use of animals for cosmetics testing is a highly controversial issue and leads to the unnecessary suffering of animals across the globe. In the U.S. cosmetic testing is carried out on animals despite the fact that there is no requirement to do so. The majority of compounds used in cosmetics have long been proven to be safe for human use and gauging the physiological response of an animal to a specific chemical does not guarantee the same in a human.

Given the success of India’s ban on the use of animals for cosmetic testing and import of such products, we hope to see countries like the U.S. follow India’s suit. We have our work cut out for us now, it’s time to make a change!



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