When you stop eating animals, some pretty amazing things begin to happen to you.

You start to feel better — emotionally and physically — you become a part of the awesome community, which strives to make the world a better place for animals and for each other and you begin to view the world through a slightly different lens. Life just seems so different — in a good way — and you begin to wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner!


Oh, and let’s not forget the reactions you’ll get from others — some positive, some not-so positive and some downright ridiculous! It’s all part of life as a vegan in a not-so-vegan world and it’s something you eventually learn to deal with with grace and confidence. So, if you’re a vegan newbie, here’s a bit of a head’s up when it comes to some of the more outlandish reactions you may get from people when they find out that you’re vegan.

1. Suddenly, they’ll begin questioning your protein intake, when it never mattered to them before.

2. They’ll look at you like you’re possessed when you tell them that you love seitan.

3. Most people are AMAZED to learn that you eat more than just salad and hummus.


4. Some sassy friends may try to make you feel bad about killing…plants.

5. They’ll be utterly shocked that you can survive without cheese.


6. And bacon!

7. No one seems to believe you when you tell them that there are yummy vegan versions of cheese and bacon (and pizza and burgers…).


8. You’re sure to have one or more conversations where someone tries to convince you that fish is vegan.

9. When you tell people about the wonders of nooch, they just don’t get it!

10. You’ll field an endless string of questions like, “How long will your new ‘diet’ last?”

11. Oh, and prepare for long, unsolicited lists of the things vegans “can” or “can’t” eat… Anything that’s not tofu is on the “can’t” list, right?


No matter what type of reaction you get from others regarding your choice to lead a veg lifestyle, don’t let their opinions sway your beliefs.

The vegan waters can be tough to navigate at times, but with a positive attitude, an open mind and above all else, a sense of humor, in no time, it should be smooth sailing toward a healthier, more compassionate you!


Fellow vegan Green Monsters, what’s the most ridiculous reaction someone has had when they found out you were vegan?

Image source: Threadless/Creative Commons