Whether you’re looking for fresh wheat flour or gluten-free flour — such as almond, buckwheat, or amaranth — being able to grind your own at home is not only a wonderful experience, but it also allows for the sanctity of mind when it comes to the quality and nutrient value of your flour.

Wheat bread isn’t called the “staff of life” for no reason, it actually contains 40 of the 44 essential nutrients that our bodies need to be happy and healthy and functioning. With that said, the stuff you buy at the store may not have all of the components that make it this nutritious. Specifically, when you grind wheat berries at home you’ll be ingesting all the parts of said wheat berry including the germ, endosperm, and bran. Whole wheat that you buy at the store is made from flour in which the berry has been segmented into these three parts and then replastered together. In fact, lots of mass-produced whole wheat bread uses white bread with caramel coloring.

This means you don’t actually know how much of those initial nutrients you’re getting back.

On top of that, once a wheat berry is harvested and processed it begins to quickly break down. Ever wonder why white bread is so white? It’s been bleached in order to hide the natural yellowing of the active components. Wheat farmers will store their harvested and processed wheat flour in large silos for long periods of time. What does all this mean?

By the time you see that sack of flour or buy that loaf of bread at the store, the natural components have had a long time to break down and oftentimes contain mold or have gone rancid.

If that’s not enough to convince you to start grinding your own flour, think about saving money!

Yep, that’s right. When you purchase a sack of flour — whether its traditional wheat or gluten-free varieties — you’re also paying a portion of the processing fees. By purchasing raw grains and grinding them yourself, you’ll only be paying for the exact product instead of those extra fees. Plus, you can now purchase electric at home grinders which can pulverize your grain from coarse to superfine in 10 minutes or less!

Are you gearing up to mill your own flour? Here are some affordable home grinders — both electric and hand crank — and spanning the financial spectrum!

1. Chard GM-150 Tin Coated Cast Iron Grain Mill 

grain mill

Chard GM-150 Tin Coated Cast Iron Grain Mill/Amazon.com

This Chard GM-150 Tin Coated Cast Iron Grain Mill is a high-quality hand crank grain mill. This grain mill is perfect for the large load with a hopper capacity of 1 pound per minute. The Chard GM-150 Iron Grain Mill grinds from coarse grain to fine flour offering the perfect affordable option for DIYers to make your own baked goods and bread at home! Along with a durable tin-coated design, this grain mill has a removable poly handle, — which allows for easy continuous operation — an adjustable table clamp for maximum support, and promises to be easy to both setup, break down, and clean. This grain mill costs $29.44.

Graham Grover says “This mill is great for coarse grinding seeds and berries. I use it to grind my sprouted grain but it just can’t achieve the fineness I’m after. I do recommend it though!”

2. Homend High-Speed 150g Electric Grain Mill Grinder

Homend High-Speed 150g Electric Grain Mill Grinder

Homend High-Speed 150g Electric Grain Mill Grinder/Amazon.com

Looking for something with a little extra power that won’t break your bank account? This Homend High-Speed 150g Electric Grain Mill Grinder may be the perfect home grain grinder! Instead of manually cranking, Homend offers a high-speed electric version with a motor speed of 28000 (r/min) that can crush coarse grain into a superfine flour in just 10 minutes. This grain mill is made from highly durable stainless steel, which means little wear resistance, and promises zero processing pollution. With three layers of circular stainless steel quenching blades, this mill won’t leave a job incomplete! Plus, just rinse with water when you’re done! This mill is not only great for grinding whole grains — such as soybeans, black rice, and corn — but it can also be sued for Chinese medicines, — such as ginseng and astragalus — oily foods, — such as sesame and peanut — or even fiber materials — such as Ganoderma lucidum! This grain mill costs $38.70.

Emanuel Canela says “Love it so far. Since I’ve just received it I can’t say much about the durability. With that said I do appreciate the fact that it does come with a set of spare brushes. I’ll see after how many uses is when I’ll need those spare brushes.”

3. Giraffe-X 150g Portable High-Speed Electric Grinder Giraffe-X 150g Portable High-Speed Electric Grinder

Giraffe-X 150g Portable High-Speed Electric Grinder/Amazon.com

Don’t let the quirky name of this grinder fool you, this Giraffe-X 150g Portable High-Speed Electric Grinder packs a punch of power and gets the job done. With 110 volts, 850 watts, and a rotary speed of 2800 r/min, this electric grinder will make a fine powder of any coarse-grain it confronts in no more than one minute including dehydrated food, rice, corn, sesame, soybean, pepper, and even coarse Chinese medicines. This high-speed electric grinder has a 150-gram capacity and uses food-grade stainless steel. This grain mill costs $38.00.

Paul C. says “This thing shreds a cinnamon stick in 5 seconds. This is definitely commercial quality for the price of home use. Don’t know why you would to pay more. I’m 55 and this will be in my will when I die, hope the kids don’t fight for it. hahaha. 3 thumbs up.”

4. MXBAOHENG 500g/110v Electric Grain Grinder Mill

MXBAOHENG 500g/110v Electric Grain Grinder Mill

MXBAOHENG 500g/110v Electric Grain Grinder Mill/Amazon.com

While this grinder is on the pricier end, it delivers with a variety of bells and whistles, especially when it comes to power. This MXBAOHENG 500g/110v Electric Grain Grinder Mill uses 110 volts to reduce coarse grains into a fine powder. Even though this is the perfect blender for your DIY kitchen, it can also be used in a range of settings including clinics, medical venues, laboratories, and restaurants. With a capacity of 500 grams, this mill can crush traditional Chinese medicines, grains, rice pasta, beans, pepper, sesame seed, walnut, corn, and many more! This grain mill costs $145.00.

Saud Aldosseri says “Buy it now.”

5. Speder Electric Grain Mill GrinderSpeder Electric Grain Mill Grinder

ISpeder Electric Grain Mill Grinder/Amazon.com

This Speder Electric Grain Mill Grinder has a sleek design that takes on a variety of raw coarse foods such as grains, coffee, and pepper. This high-speed, high-power Speder grinder is made from food-grade stainless steel making it highly efficient with fine powder achieved in only five minutes and a super fine powder achieved in eight minutes. This grain mill costs $75.99.

6. DaTOOL 1000g Commercial Electric Ultra-Fine Powder Grain GrinderDaTOOL 1000g Commercial Electric Ultra-Fine Powder Grain Grinder

DaTOOL 1000g Commercial Electric Ultra-Fine Powder Grain Grinder/Amazon.com

If you’ve purchased the cheaper hand crank options and you’re hooked on processing your own flour at home, this DaTOOL 1000g Commercial Electric Ultra-Fine Powder Grain Grinder will save you time and provide high-quality product as long as you need it! While the DaTOOL grinder is the priciest on the list it’s got all the bells and whistles including a pulverizer grinding capability, an LED digital display, and intelligent control all packaged in a small, light-weight, and portable design. This grinder will crush grains into superfine powder within five minutes using 110 volts and 2800 watts with a motor speed of 25000 (r/min). DaTOOL recommends there mill for use with dehydrated foods, rice, corn, sesame, soybean, and even medicines.This grain grinder costs $165.99.

Marcel Hatch says “This is not a commercial grinder for use all day. It is an ideal machine for limited home use — an hour per day with breaks between grinding. In that much time, you can turn pounds of seeds and other materials into powder. The quality of the results is excellent. All materials to be ground need to be completely dry for best results. Cleaning is somewhat of a chore, but that applies to all grinders. We are very happy with this machine.”

7. Victoria GRN-100 Commercial Grade Cast Iron Manual Grain Grinder Victoria GRN-100 Commercial Grade Cast Iron Manual Grain Grinder

Victoria GRN-100 Commercial Grade Cast Iron Manual Grain Grinder/Amazon.com

This Victoria GRN-100 Commercial Grade Cast Iron Manual Grain Grinder offers the durability and efficiency of an electric mill, yet allows for more control of powder fineness via an adjusting screw and manual hand crank. Victorio promises this hand crank mill to be great for larger batch processing with a high hopper grinder for more capacity. Plus, this mill is designed with cast iron construction and sanitary double-tin plating, which is super resistant to stain, corrosion, and erosion. Feel free to grind anything including corn, barley, grains, coffee, vegetables, seeds, nuts, coconut, spices, and dried beans. This grain mill costs $48.99.

Dee Lowe says “Does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well. Won’t grind fine enough to produce pastry flour, but it’s great for tortillas and such. If you want to stop the little bits of metal people have complained about, just grind a cup of dried pinto beans when you first get it. They will clean everything out and it will work perfectly afterward.”

8. GoToTop Hand Crank Manual Grinder For Wheat GrainsGoToTop Hand Crank Manual Grinder For Wheat Grains

GoToTop Hand Crank Manual Grinder For Wheat Grains/Amazon.com

This GoToTop Hand Crank Manual Grinder For Wheat Grains is designed with an easily adjustable clamp, — perfect for a variety of surfaces in your home — an adjustable screw, — to find the perfect coarseness — and an ergonomically designed crank handle for effortless turning. This mill is designed for grinding corn, grains, rice, wheat, oats, barley, rye, peppercorns, spices, nuts, coffee, vegetables, coconut, and it can even be used to make peanut butter! This grain mill costs $23.29.

Daniel Walser says “Need to grind your grain, No power, NO problem. This will handle your grain.” 

9. Victorio Kitchen Products Hand Operated Adjustable Small Grain MillVictorio Kitchen Products Hand Operated Adjustable Small Grain Mill

Victorio Kitchen Products Hand Operated Adjustable Small Grain Mill/Amazon.com

The sleek design of this hand-operated small grain mill is a perfect complement to a modern kitchen or home! This Victorio Kitchen Products Hand Operated Adjustable Small Grain Mill does not buck at tough grains such as wheat, rice, oats, barley, and quinoa, but is specially designed to reduce smaller grains from coarse to fine for high-quality flour. The cone-shaped stainless steel grinding burrs offer smooth precision milling. Plus, when you’re finished, this small mill stores super easy in a drawer or cabinet. This grain mill costs $67.19.

Michael Richards says “The screw-type steel grinding-mechanism is able to make for finer grinding and for longer-term durability and a mere ceramic burr. This is a really excellent machine; it can very rapidly grind, very finely, the amount of spice-seeds that a person could use with any meal of vegetables or of fruit or whatever. Good printed instructions are provided with it for assembling it and using it to grind spice-seeds. It is easy to assemble, is easily clamped sturdily and securely onto a table-top, and is easy to use. We have been using it to grind, for our own consumption, chia-seed, mustard-seed, cardamom-seed, fennel-seed, anise-seed, celery-seed — all these (and many more) whole-seed spices being ready available for purchase at very reasonable prices from various sellers on Amazon.com. The price of whole spice-seeds is cheaper than the price of already-ground spice-seeds, so that there is a good deal of savings in cost available by one’s own grinding the whole spice-seeds; besides which, whole spice-seeds keep fresh better, stored in one’s kitchen, than already-ground spices, without needing to be refrigerated.”

10. ChefCaptain Premium Quality Cast Iron GrinderChefCaptain Premium Quality Cast Iron Grinder

ChefCaptain Premium Quality Cast Iron Grinder/Amazon.com

This ChefCaptain Premium Quality Cast Iron Grinder is a manual grinder reducing one pound of coarse grain into fine powder in just one minute. This grinder is great for milling dry grains, oats, corn, wheat, coffee, soybeans, nuts and more! Plus, with a tall head cup, this premium grinder offers a larger capacity output without sacrificing quality. Along with a larger capacity, this grinder is can be adjusted to change the coarseness of the powder. This grain mill costs $24.99.

Remnant says “I’m trying to make life more simple – homestead, pioneer, survival, etc. I was on the search for a good quality hand grain mill. Comparing prices with the aesthetic appearance made me decide to order this mill. When I got it, it appeared sturdy. The size is nice, also. I have been trying to find a way to grind chaga that I harvest. Several nights ago I started grinding chaga in my electric coffee grinder and after doing close to a pound, my coffee grinder broke. To me, dried chaga is like petrified wood! All of a sudden I thought about the hand grinder and wondered if it would be able to handle grinding something so hard. I should have started with the hand grinder to begin with! It’s grinding with ease! I have no doubt that it will be able to grind any grain that I put through it. So far, I’ve only had it set to do a medium grind, similar to store bought coffee, but I was so happy with it that I just ordered another one! I plan on dedicating one to chaga and coffee and the other one to grains and rice for flours. I would recommend this grinder, especially to preppers, and those going back to a more simple lifestyle.

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