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Anne Marie Bonneau


Concerned with the planet’s plastic pollution problem, I went (nearly) plastic-free in 2011. (Check out my daughter’s blog, The Plastic-Free Chef, which she started back then at age 16 and has recently revived.) Attempting zero-waste was the next logical step (more like a half-step). I’m not a huge consumer, so I generate the most trash in the kitchen (i.e., I don’t buy a lot of clothing, toiletries, personal care products or thneeds). To cut down on plastic waste there, I began shopping more at the farmer’s market, filling up on staples in the bulk sections of grocery stores and making more food from scratch (I’ve always done this, but now I’m pretty hardcore). I cut out all packaged food, which I quickly realized meant I cut out all processed food. (Like Michael Pollan says “If it’s a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, don’t.”) And I’m healthier for it. By the way, I don’t mention this in every post, but I use only organic ingredients unless I can’t find them (which rarely happens).