To say that Sally likes her Nan would be a total understatement. This little dachshund is obsessed! She doesn’t live with her Nan, but whenever she goes over for a visit, she immediately demands Nan’s attention. The duo loves watching birds together on the couch and snuggling. Sally especially loves when Nan blows raspberries on her and rubs her belly.

Nan and Sally have known each other since Sally was just a puppy. They met soon after Nan had lost her husband. Sally was there to support Nan and give her love through that difficult time. The pair immediately formed a long-lasting special connection.

The connection between Sally and her Nan is so strong that Sally tends to get a little jealous if Nan isn’t giving her full attention. One time, Sally’s owner’s cousin bought Nan a little statue that looked like Sally. When Nan picked it up, Sally was not too happy. Fortunately, all that was needed to smooth things over was a little bit of snuggling!

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