While many people imagine that the animals at small, local dairy farms are happy and treated humanely, that is not the case. They still get their babies stolen from them; they are still deprived of open spaces to run around; and eventually, they are still slaughtered.

In January of 2020, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary rescued a seven-year-old dairy cow from a small farm near Ithaca, New York that was going bankrupt. When Sanctuary workers, Hervé and Lizz, arrived, there were preparations taking place for an auction that would happen the next day. Around eighty cows were chained to a metal pole and laying down on the concrete. They didn’t even have room to walk around. There were also some calves that were kept the same way, separated from their mothers.

Hervé and Lizz were able to save two cows, Aph and Jo. The cows received medical treatment for the various ailment caused by the inhumane treatment and conditions that they are subjected to in dairy farms. Aph passed away during an emergency surgery, but Jo was eventually moved to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary to live out her life peacefully. When they opened the gates to the large pasture that Jo would get to live on for the duration of her life, she ran around with joy and excitement for her newfound freedom.

To support the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and read more about their amazing work, check out their website.

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