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A spider monkey named Maruja was recently rescued by Animal Defenders International (ADI) and released back into the wild. Maruja was the last monkey to be rescued from a circus in Peru, where she was being used to promote the circus, according to World Animal News.

In 2017, Maruja was discovered tied to the top of a mototaxi in Lima, Peru, notwithstanding the fact that circuses had already been banned in Peru between 2014 and 2016. This ban had resulted in the confiscation and rescue of 100 circus animals by ADI, which is why Peruvian officials were surprised to discover a spider monkey that was still being held as a circus entertainer. Within 24 hours of receiving the disturbing tip, local officials were already working to save Maruja.

Maruja passed her health check and was discovered to be around three years old. Since she was still young enough, she was able to join the wild-release rehabilitation program at the Taricaya Reserve. With time it became obvious that Maruja was significantly stunted psychologically from being a circus monkey. She did not socialize naturally with the other spider monkeys and did not feed herself. Maruja only started to act like a monkey when a few orphaned spider monkey babies arrived at the center. Her natural motherly instincts kicked in, and she began to care for the orphans, also learning to take care of herself in the process.

After a few years in rehabilitation, Maruja and her little family were released back into the rainforest. Where other spider monkeys lived. Radio collars were put on them to monitor their release.

Maruja’s story helps to emphasize the importance of saving animals from the cruelty of wild animal circuses. Monkeys especially are highly sensitive animals that can be significantly stunted by working in the circus.

Jan Creamer, President of ADI, commented in an emailed release, “Although these animals communicate differently and do not look like us, or live as we do, this video and Maruja’s story shows our differences are of degree, rather than kind. When humans can accord respect and space to our fellow inhabitants of our shared planet, we all gain.”

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