These past months have been unprecedented, disorienting, and scary. Coronavirus has negatively impacted billions of people’s lives in a multitude of areas. Even the lockdown itself has posed its own set of challenges and difficulties, unrelated to the devastating effects that are inherent to a pandemic such as COVID.

Coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines completely disrupted daily routines and simple pleasures as people had to stay inside and isolate themselves from others. Many of us grew stir-crazy, longing for an adventure, a wild night out, or just a simple cup of coffee in our favorite café. However, we always knew that lockdowns were temporary and necessary to protect the health and lives of our fellow humans. The same cannot be said for animals living in captivity around the world.


This video, End the Lockdown for Animals, is a collaboration between Humane Society International and Fledge, a Belgian production company. The video raises awareness about the plight of captive and exploited animals around the world – from factory farms, to marine parks, to laboratories. Animals in these facilities and others are stolen from their families to live in tiny cages or tanks where humans will abuse and exploit them for their entire lives. Most of these animals will never have a taste of freedom or love; they will never know what it’s like to not be afraid and in pain. These animals are in permanent lockdown, but this video is urging people to change that.

We as a society must band together to end this cruel and unnecessary lockdown of animals. Thus, at the end of video, the narrator asks an important question:

As we come out of lockdown, can we come together, to end theirs?

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Lead Image Credit: Orapin Joyphuem/Shutterstock