Manitoba Animal Save, a Canadian animal rights group, held a silent protest next to lobster tanks at a Winnipeg grocery store over the weekend of March 7. The group was urging store managers to stop selling live lobsters in stores, including the Superstore grocery store they were protesting.

The group set up a list of demands and tried to set up a meeting to discuss how the store would stop selling the live lobsters.

Manitoba Animal Save organizer Danae Tonge said of the practice, “It’s heartbreaking. The lobsters have clamps or rubber bands around them, so they’re being contained in a really unnatural way in these tanks. The fact that they’re being sold for food is really cruel and inhumane. Lobsters can live for 100 years in the wild.”

Lobsters are often boiled alive and research has shown the practice is painful to them. Before lobsters are killed for food, they also experience poor conditions in the grocery store tanks. “Lobsters are solitary creatures that want to be alone, and they want to be kind of roaming around on their own, said Tonge,”They don’t want to be in a crowded sort of tank with other lobsters. That’s really stressful for them.”

Sign this petition to urge supermarkets to stop selling live lobsters.


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