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Wow! If you needed further proof that the movement towards vegan diets is on fire in this country, here it is: a James Cameron-backed school is about to become the first all plant-based school in the United States! While some schools across the country have gone vegetarian, this school, the MUSE School in Calabasas, California, is slated to become fully plant-based in the next year and a half.

The school, founded by James Cameron and his wife Amis, is already doing a lot to teach kids about the importance of good food. According to NPR, “already, the school has a strong seed-to-table program that’s producing fresh fruits and vegetables grown by its 140 students. They’re guided by the school’s full-time, year-round gardener and educator, Paul Hudak.”

Between the school’s two campuses, a ton of gardening progress has already been made: “students at the school’s two campuses in Malibu Canyon have built 28 raised beds to grow peppers, greens, tomatoes, herbs and other edibles, plus flowers. The older students will also be selling some of the food grown over the summer to local restaurants,” writes NPR.

The Camerons, who are vegans themselves, know the importance of plant-based eating for all people – especially growing kids!

According to NPR, “the couple went vegan in 2012 after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives. The film emphasizes the health benefits of a plant-based diet, and that initially compelled them to empty the cupboards and fridges of all dairy and meat products..”

Beyond just better health, the Camerons advocate for a better earth as a result of plant-based eating: “But what has really been a major eye opener is the connection between food and the environment,” Amis Cameron says. “Now, we’re benefiting greatly from eating plant-based, as are our children, but the environmental piece has become really our sole focus.”

Congrats to the Camerons for pushing an all-vegan kids cafeteria – we can’t wait to see more news like this across the country soon!

Image source: Wikipedia Commons 

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98 comments on “James Cameron-Backed School To Go All Vegan”

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3 Years Ago

What blows me away is the fact that people don’t "ty out" veganism and after a few years report back. It is like realising the world is round. Once you know it you can use it, you can act on it and benefit from it and you want the others to know and it you find it a tiny bit pathetic when you get all these reasons why it can’t bloody well be round. They just can’t let go. Its akin to saying smoking might be good for you after all. And like 2 years in you’re getting a whole school to do it or like the guy in Sydney who almost suddenly finds he has over 2,ooo vegan members on his FB vegan page with people becoming vegan all the time. People don’t have to have faith or get convinced or learn a catechism blind.. It is like giving in to science and reality. There is hope for the world , though not a lot of time to stuff around arguing. :)

Bryan Porter
3 Years Ago

Yeah - those kids look thrilled. I'm all for getting the junk food out of school lunches and providing a balanced meal for the kids but a vegan meal is more ideology than health. It's a false choice between junk food and vegan.

Ralph Graham
11 Jun 2014

Hi Bryan,
with respect, your comment shows you have not yet come to understand what vegan means and is at odds with a large amount of very credible people and institutions, like the WHO and the UN. The fact that veganism is growing so fast world wide is not do with some kind of enthusiasm or someone’s charisma or slick promotion. It is simply based on results. If you want optimum results for health, for the environment and for compassion - all things we want to see in our kids growing up - then eating vegan is a logical and massively productive step.

Brandy Renee
3 Years Ago

Love love love!!'

Andrea J Cicchillo
3 Years Ago

James Cameron

Clara Bronico
3 Years Ago


Diana Chamberlain-Clark
3 Years Ago

Brilliant! We need this in the UK

Suzanne Bernstein
3 Years Ago

Although plant based, a balanced nutrition of healthy carbs/proteins is essential for mental/physical growth, hopefully it is in the plan....

Elise Guave
3 Years Ago


Sophie Dimitriadis
3 Years Ago

Nothing wrong with feeding our children good wholesome food! Let them live a balanced life, learn and be productive members of society! What's with all this negative attitude! Children are our future! I wonder how these children will treat us when we grow old???????????????????????????

Cam Kimball
3 Years Ago

I think it's great, all for it.


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