Cue the dramatic music. Something like the Mission Impossible score,  or maybe something from a ninja movie, and you’ll get something like what we think this cat is playing in his head. He thinks he’s the stealthiest thing since…  stealthy sliced bread, or something.

But the music that’s playing in our heads as we watch is probably something a little more comic. As he slowly, oh so slowly, peaks his head above the edge of the bed, eyes bugged, ears pricked, mouth ever so slightly open, it’s all we can do not to burst out laughing. If this was my cat, honestly, I probably couldn’t have caught this on film. I would have been giggling madly and spooked the kitty out of his antics. But this cat doesn’t know he’s being filmed. He thinks he’s getting away with whatever spy operation he thinks he is up to.


The YouTube clip was originally posted by a Russian, as “смешной котик,” literally meaning “funny kitty” in Russian. So, maybe this cat thinks he’s a KGB agent. Whatever the case, it seems pretty clear this little guy has got to have a big imagination in order to take peaking over the bed so darn seriously!