When it comes to eating plant-based, people usually have two main dietary concerns: protein and vitamin B12. While it’s true that vitamin B12 is most abundant in animal-derived sources like meat, fish, eggs, and cheese, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get an adequate amount of the vitamin on a vegan diet. One option, of course, is taking a weekly, bi-weekly, or daily supplement. The other is to stock up on B12-fortified foods and calculate your way to 100 percent of the daily vitamin intake.

There are fortified non-dairy milks, cereals, vegetable juices, condiments, shelf-stable meals, nutrition bars … the list goes on. Some supermarkets will have these items in stock, but another easy way to make sure you always have at least a few of these sources on hand is to buy them in bulk online! As a matter of fact, we’ve taken the liberty of gathering up 14 B12-fortified items we think are worth considering. Check them out!