Mushrooms have been a beloved vegetable in the food world for decades now. Their thick and meaty texture make for a delicious meat replacement, they add a burst of umami to any dish they are added to, and of course, they are rich in nutrients. While buying fresh mushrooms from the grocery store or farmer’s market has its perks, it also means you have to use these mushrooms quickly or they’ll end up in the trash can instead of your kitchen table.

On the other hand, mushrooms that are dried, marinated, pulverized into powder, or smoothed into a paste can be stored for longer periods of time, allowing you to use the vegetables on your schedule. And these products can not only be found in the grocery store but online! Here are 15 mushroom products to get you started!



  1. Native Forest Organic Sliced Crimini Mushrooms

    A number one best seller Amazon’s “Canned and Jarred Mushrooms” section, Native Forest Crimini Mushrooms that are ready to be sliced, tenderized, and ready-to-use. In each BPA-free, four-ounce can there are only three simple ingredients: Crimini mushrooms, water, and sea salt. Native Forest suggests using this product in soups and stir-fries or on pizzas and salads. Reviewers describe this product as convenient, tasty, and a handy substitute when you can get your hands on fresh mushrooms. You can get a pack of 12 four-ounce cans for a little under $20.

  2. Fungus Among Us Dried Morel Mushrooms

    While fresh mushrooms often have a strong, earthy flavor, dried mushrooms, like Fungus Among Us Dried Morel Mushrooms, are more subtle in taste. At least, that’s what reviewers are saying. According to the company, these mushrooms simply have to be soaked in hot water for 30 minutes, drained, and rid of excess water to rehydrate them. How you use them in your dish after that is up to you! Reviewers have reported using these mushrooms in pasta, risotto, and soup. The taste is not exactly like fresh mushrooms, but as reviewers point out, that is somewhat expected. To test it out for yourself, you can get one 1/2-ounce bag for $12.50.

  3. Hoosier Hill Farm Porcini Mushroom Powder

    Porcini mushrooms are a popular mushroom variety across Europe and the U.S. Hoosier Hill Farm Porcini Mushroom Powder is exactly what it sounds like – porcini mushrooms pulverized into a powder that you can use in your cooking. According to Hoosier Hill Farms, Porcini mushrooms are so strong-tasting, that even in powder form they add a rich, umami flavor to dishes like soups, stews, sauces, and stuffings, or as one reviewer did, in vegetarian Shepherd’s pie! You can get one four-ounce container for $12.

  4. Pennsylvania Dutchman Stems and Pieces Mushrooms

    Pennsylvania Dutchman Stems and Pieces Mushrooms is a product that is made in the U.S and has gotten mostly five-star reviews from Amazon buyers. Reviewers are describing this product as a “must-have” pantry staple, “wonderful quality,” and “just as much flavor as fresh mushrooms.” Pretty enthusiastic! It is worth noting, however, that in addition to water and salt, Pennsylvania Dutchman utilizes calcium disodium edta to retain the mushrooms’ color. If you’re wary of any additives in your food, you may want to opt for a different brand. You can get 12 four-ounce cans for about $20.

  5. Trader Joe’s Marinated Mushrooms

    If you’re looking for an easy hors d’oeuvre, consider buying these Trader Joe’s Marinated Mushrooms. This 16-ounce jar contains white cap mushrooms that are kettle-cooked and then marinated in a blend of red wine vinegar, garlic, and savory spices. Trader Joe’s does not use any artificial colors or preservatives in this product. You can try out one jar for a little under $14.

  6. Havista Dried Porcini Mushrooms

    According to the manufacturer, Havista Dried Porcini Mushrooms simply need to be rehydrated in hot water to remove any grit before you can add their distinct flavor to your cooking. As for the quality of these mushrooms, they are loved by some reviewers, with comments saying that these mushrooms added great flavor and are very earthy and strong-tasting. However, a few reviewers did not have as pleasant results, stating that the mushrooms were bitter. If you’d like to test it out for yourself, you can get one 1.5-ounce package for a little under $6.

  7. Roland Straw Mushrooms

    Usually found in Asian markets, Roland Straw Mushrooms are a mild, slightly bitter mushroom variety that is recommended by Roland for use in soups and stir-fries. Straw mushrooms are normally long and smooth in texture, both characteristics reviewers are reporting is true of Roland’s product. Reviewers have used these mushrooms in soups, Asian dishes, and even Italian dishes. You can get a pack of eight 15-ounce cans for about $28.50.

  8. Melchiorri Pâté di Funghi Porcini

    Melchiorri Pâté di Funghi Porcini is an all natural, preservative-free, gourmet paste. It is a blend of Porcini mushrooms, oil, and walnuts, that is then blended with Marsala wine, onion, vegetable broth, and spices. Melchiorri suggests using this paste as a way to boost the flavor in pasta entrées, as a topping for warm bruschetta, or a condiment for grilled dishes. You can get a 3.6-ounce jar of this paste for $14.

  9. Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm

    Have some time to spare before you have to use your mushrooms? Then consider growing your own mushrooms with this Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm! According to the company, this grow kit allows you to grow organic, edible Oyster mushrooms in just 10 days. The process boils down to three steps: open the box, mist with water, and harvest the crop. While reviews seem to be mixed as to how successful the harvest is (even if you follow instructions to the T) there are several reviewers who have had success growing their mushrooms. This is definitely a more whimsical route to go if you need mushrooms. If you’d like to try your gardening hand at this endeavor, you can get one kit for a little over $20.

  10. Health Ranger Select Shiitake Mushroom Powder

    Looking for a convenient way to add umami flavor to your dishes without the MSG? Consider checking out Health Ranger Select Shiitake Mushroom Powder. Reviewers are reporting that you can achieve a savory, Asian-style flavor with just a bit of this powder. Buyers have used this powder in tofu dishes, in soups, casseroles, and even in protein shakes. As reviewers have pointed out, this product is a bit on the expensive side with one 100-gram bag costing $21.

  11. Native Forest Sliced Portobello Mushrooms

    Have too many moving parts to your dinner? Well, if you want to take care of your mushroom needs in one fell swoop, consider buying  Native Forest Sliced Portobello Mushrooms. This U.S.-made product comes tender and ready-to-serve and is seasoned with a bit of sea salt. Reviewers are describing these mushrooms as thick, succulent, and “wonderfully tasty.” Reviewers have also pointed out that these have a long shelf-life and are a good way to meet your mushroom needs while buying fresher varieties in store. You can get 12 four-ounce cans for a little over $25.50.

  12. Jake and Amos Marinated Mushrooms

    Stuck in a mushroom rut? Consider switching up your routine with Jake and Amos Marinated Mushrooms. This product contains mushrooms and a brine consisting of water, onion, salt, sugar, red bell peppers, distilled vinegar, dehydrated garlic, ground black pepper, oregano, parsley, and basil. Jake and Amos suggests adding this product to garden salads, pasta dishes, or simply as a side. Most reviewers said they enjoyed this product and that it met their expectations. To see if you feel the same, you can get one 32-ounce jar for $12.50.

  13. Roland Mixed Wild Mushrooms

    Roland Mixed Wild Mushrooms are an assortment of four types of wild mushrooms: Boletus, Black Fungus, Oyster Mushrooms and Porcini Cepes. According to Roland, these mushrooms simply have to be soaked in warm water for 20 minutes, rinsed, drained, and blanched. They suggest it for pasta dishes, as a toast topping, and as a nice touch to creamy meals. Reviewers report that this product is easy-to-use, a “nice blend of mushrooms,” and good quality. You can get one 1.41-ounce jar for a little over $5.

  14. Harmony House Foods Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

    While finding ways to include fresh vegetables in your cooking is always a plus, sometimes it’s nice to have a convenient product that allows you to get the flavor and nutrition of vegetables without all of the prep. Take this four-ounce jar of Harmony House Foods Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, for instance. These air-dried mushrooms have all of the nutrition of fresh ones, but according to Harmony House, can stay in your pantry for 1-2 years. Reviewers report using the mix for cooking vegetable soups, as a fried rice add-on, and for enhancing ramen noodles. This #1 bestseller in Amazon’s dried vegetable category comes out to about $14.

  15. La Rustichella White Truffle Pâté

    La Rustichella White Truffle Pâté is a gluten-free paste made in Italy consisting of white truffles, oil, extra virgin olive oil, and salt. Reviewers report that this paste is earthy, that “a little goes a long way,” and that it is “pricey but worth it.” Reviewers have used this paste in pasta entrées, on top of toasts, with crackers, and even in mac and cheese! You can get one 3.2-ounce jar for $18.

    Which mushroom product are you most excited to try? Tell us in the comments!

    Lead image source: Anna Subbotina/Shutterstock