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Sausages may just be the epitome of meaty protein. Boldly flavored, crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, dense and filling … sausages are undeniably yummy. And guess what? Deciding to eat more plant-based meals doesn’t mean you have to give up this meaty favorite! Using ingredients like soy and pea protein, grains, and even vegetables, vegan food companies have been able to concoct some pretty amazing vegan sausages. Some of them are hot dog-style and perfect for topping with ketchup and mustard or relish. Others already have a hefty amount of seasoning incorporated, be it Latin, Italian, Mediterranean, or otherwise. And some have all of the delicious flavor of diner-style breakfast links.

Which ever way you like your sausage, there’s bound to be a product out there for you. And don’t worry, with One Green Planet by your side, you don’t have to scour the supermarket aisles to find these gems. In fact, here are 12 meatless sausages available online that we think you should check out … right now.

  1. Elianni Organic Veggie Roll

    Elianni Organic Veggie Roll is a gluten-free and kosher veggie sausage made with peanuts, filtered water, mushrooms, onions, non-hydrogenated sunflower oil, potato starch, carob powder, sea salt, yeast extract, paprika, thyme, nutmeg, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. This is a thick and dense roll that is meant to be sliced. Each serving (three 1/4-inch slices) is 130 calories and provides six grams of protein, five grams of fiber, and some essential vitamins. Reviewers are saying that this sausage is hearty, delicious (especially if you’re a mushroom fan), and can be used as a replacement for burger patties in addition to sausage. You can get one 14-ounce package for $7.

  2. Field Roast Frankfurters

    Field Roast Grain Meat Frankfurters are hot dog sausage alternatives made primarily from filtered water, vital wheat gluten, and safflower oil, and are seasoned with tomato pasta, paprika, sea salt, onions, and garlic. Unlike regular hot dogs, these veggie sausages contain zero cholesterol. They pack in just as much protein as meat, though, with 21 grams of protein per serving, plus just six grams of total carbs and two grams of net carbs. According to Field Roast, you can either cook these on the grill, sauté them in a pan, or steam in the oven or microwave. Reviewers are raving about their umami flavor, hearty texture, and quick preparation. One reviewer even said these were the best veggie dogs they ever tried! To see if these franks live up to the hype, you can get one 16-ounce package for a little under $5.50.

  3. Viana Snack Sausage

    Viana Picnickers Snack Sausage takes sausage out of its usual place in the kitchen and transforms it into a savory, portable treat. The veggie sausage “stick” is made from a mixture of water, wheat protein, and smoked tofu, which is then seasoned with garlic and tomato paste. Since this snack needs no refrigeration, reviewers are saying that it is an ideal road trip snack. They also compare the snack to a slim-jim and comment that it is the “perfect balance” between dense and chewy, and has a wonderful flavor. To try these out, you can get a pack of 12 sticks for about $25.50.

  4. Melissa’s Soyrizo

    Looking for a Latin-inspired vegan sausage to add to your paellas, enchiladas, or stews? Consider checking out Melissa’s Soyrizo. This meatless sausage is made primarily with water and textured soy protein, and is seasoned with many of the same spices as the traditional Spanish pork sausage. Each two-ounce serving of this sausage is 120 calories and provides seven grams of protein, three grams of fiber, 15 percent of your daily vitamin A, and 10 percent of your daily iron. Reviewers are saying that this sausage tastes just as good as regular chorizo, is a much healthier option than regular meat, and is perfect for all sorts of Latin creations, or even breakfast. To try it out, you can get three 12-ounce packages for $17.

  5. Lightlife Smart Dogs

    Hots dogs are an easy-to-make favorite. Lightlife Smart Dogs are made primarily with water, soy protein isolate, soybean oil, evaporated cane syrup, and pea protein isolate. According to reviewers, these veggie dogs provide all of the same flavor and texture as regular hot dogs, especially when cooked on a grill. You can also boil these on stovetop or heat them in the microwave for an extra easy meal. Each one of these sausages provides seven grams of protein and six percent of your daily iron. To try these out, you can get one 12-ounce package (eight links) for $3.

  6. Amy’s Veggie Sausage

    Amy’s Veggie Sausage is a cholesterol-free sausage made from a mixture of grains and vegetables. Specifically, this product is made with the following organic ingredients: onions, bulgur wheat, mushrooms, wheat gluten, long grain red rice, tofu, quinoa, oats, carrots, lentil, bell peppers, potato, and various seasonings. Each serving (four sausage links) is 110 calories and provides seven grams of protein. Amy’s recommends this sausage with breakfast dishes, but also mentions that it can be used for topping salads and pizzas, for layering in sandwiches or creating your own unique dish. You can get a pack of 12 six-ounce boxes (12 links in each box) for $85. That’s about $7 a box.

  7. Viana Mediterranean Veggie Sausages

    Looking for an herby and well-seasoned sausage to spice up an otherwise plain bed of rice? If so, consider checking out Viana Mediterranean Veggie Sausages. This meatless product is made with water, wheat protein, soy protein, bell pepper, sunflower oil, soy sauce, tomato paste, tofu, rolled oats, roasted onion, and seasoning. Each serving (three pieces) is 190 calories and provides 17 grams of protein and 11 percent of your daily iron. Reviewers are saying that these sausages are flavorful and a bit spicy, convenient (especially since they’re shelf-stable), and are filling. The sausages are packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag but the box itself recommends to keep the product refrigerated. Whether this means after the package is opened or beforehand is unclear, but it has made some reviewers wary. If you’d still like to try it, you can get one 7.05-ounce package (10 pieces) for a little under $6.

  8. Loma Linda Low-Fat Big Franks

    Loma Linda Low-Fat Big Franks are shelf-stable, meatless sausages made primarily with textured vegetable protein, water, torula yeast, and corn oil. Each serving (one link) is 80 calories and provides 12 grams of protein, two grams of fiber, and 20 percent of your daily vitamin B12. Loma Linda also shares that these franks have 82 percent less fat than beef hot dogs. Reviewers are raving about this product, commenting that these area pantry staple, are filling, and are very tasty (whether they’re microwaved, fried, boiled, or grilled). To try them out, you can get a pack of 12 20-ounce cans for about $56, a price that one reviewer confirms is a good deal compared to how much you get them for at the store.

  9. Tofurky Italian Sausage

    Tofurky Italian Sausage

    Add a little protein to your pasta with Tofurky Italian Sausage. This meatless product is made with organic tofu, vital wheat gluten, expeller pressed non-GMO canola oil, water, shoyu soy sauce, organic soy flour, sundried tomatoes, basil, garlic, sea salt, and spices. Each serving (one sausage) is 280 calories and provides 30 grams of protein, 260 milligrams of potassium, and 20 percent of your daily iron intake. Reviewers are saying that these sausages are very dense and flavorful, taste wonderfully on pizza, are somewhat spicy, and are very versatile. It is worth pointing out, however, that they have a high sodium content, at 620 milligrams per link. If you’d still like to try them out, you can get a pack of five 14-ounce packages (four sausages per package) for $31.

  10. Neat Foods Breakfast Mix

    Neat Foods Breakfast Mix is a gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO sausage alternative that is made with pecans, chickpeas, whole grain oats, organic maple sugar, garlic, sea salt, and spices. Each 1/3 cup serving size of this product is 200 calories and provides five grams of protein. Unlike other sausage alternatives, however, this product does not come pre-shaped. Instead it is a ground beef-type crumble that you mix with an egg replacer and shape into sausage links, patties, or whatever other shape you desire. Reviewers are saying that this mix has a great flavor, is made with wholesome ingredients, works well in sausage form, and is equally good in crumble form for tossing in tofu scrambles or quiches. You can get one 5.5-ounce package for about $5.

  11. Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage

    Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage is an artisan vegan sausage made with water, wheat gluten, pressed safflower oil, eggplant, onions, yeast extract, red wine, garlic, barley malt, onion powder, dried red pepper, fennel seed, granulated garlic sea salt, and spices. Each serving (one sausage) is 240 calories, and provides 26 grams of protein, three grams of fiber, and 10 percent of your daily iron. Reviewers are raving about these sausages, commenting that the flavor is “incredible” and “bursting with umami,” that they are very hearty, and that they work for a variety of different cuisines. You can get a pack of 12 cases (48 sausages in total) for about $72, that’s $6 per package.

  12. Yves Veggie Dogs

    When deciding to eat more vegan, it’s normal to still crave typical meat products like hot dogs. And with options like  Yves Veggie Dogs, you can still get your fix! These sausage links are made primarily with water, isolated soy protein, and vital wheat gluten. Each serving (1 sausage) is 50 calories and provides 10 grams of protein and provides 20 percent of your daily iron and 10 percent of your vitamin B12. Some reviewers even say these veggie sausages, made from a mixture of soy protein and vital wheat gluten, are the best on the market! Right now, they’re only available for bulk purchase, so you might want to taste them elsewhere before dropping a hundred on this 12-pack (72 sausages in total).

    Lead image source: Classic Breakfast Sausage Links