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Image source: Tifotter / Flickr

Summer is upon us and that means one of many things. It’s time to get out your bathing suit, slather on sunscreen, and find someplace to jump in for a swim.


We can’t always be at the beach though. Bummer, right? So how else can you cool off when the weather’s sweltering hot? By digging in to some refreshing raw vegan food, of course! We’ve delved into our recipe archives to bring you a selection of lip-smacking raw recipes you can make for a full day of cool vegan bliss.

Eating raw can benefit you in many ways. It can regulate digestion, help you lose weight and better manage weight-loss as well as decrease cravings. Additionally, many raw dieters report that they have increased energy and stamina, a clearer mind, and feel more focused and emotionally and spiritually balanced.

Whether you’re a die-hard raw foodie or just want to try on the raw diet for size, then this all-day menu is sure to please, especially on a hot summer day.

Breakfast: Raw Coconut Yogurt


This deliciously raw coconut yogurt instantly transports you to the exotic, far-off flavors of places like Hawaii and New Guinea, even if you might just be sitting in the comfort of your own kitchen. Go crazy with add-ins with this dish as it pairs perfectly with raspberries, vanilla bean, and other sweet flavors.


Health benefits: The coconut meat used in this breakfast yogurt is full of fiber, manganese, potassium, and copper.