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5 Splendid Plant-Based Breakfast Ideas for Fall

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, can be served up in any way you like. Choose wisely though because a good breakfast leads to a productive rest of the day! A key nutrient to consume at this daybreak meal is fiber which keeps you satiated until lunch and your digestive processes running smoothly. Below are some fantastic, plant-based, and gluten-free ways to kick start your day. Branch out, take a chance, change it up, live a little more, starting with breakfast! Take the breakfast bull by the horns (or yams shaped like horns) and venture into the wild side of breakfast!

1. Tuberful Oatmeal

Tubers, like sweet potatoes and yams, make great additions to your morning oats. So no, tuberful is not a word, but it’s fitting. Steam your desired tubers or mash them up and stuff them in your oatmeal for a hearty dose of fiber and beta-carotene to get you moving and out of your grumpy morning slump. This recipe is sure to hit the spot and remind you of Barney: it’s purple! Saturday morning cartoons will fill your mind like thoughts of sugar plums on Christmas when you chomp down on this nutrient-dense porridge. The three bears would be proud! You can also add butternut squash and apples to your oatmeal for a warm and cozy morning welcome.

2. Green Smoothie

They might be cold, but if you wear fuzzy socks and fluffy pajamas, then a green smoothie should be first on your morning agenda! Greens are one of the best things you can ingest, so why not drink them with some sweet fruit? When you try these smoothie recipes or this recipe, you’ll feel invigorated and ready to embark on whatever endeavor you have planned for the day. As a religious green smoothie drinker, I can honestly attest to the greatness of these magical drinks. If you have freezer safe canning jars, you can make the smoothie ahead of time and freeze it. Then, the night before, you can put the smoothie in the fridge. In the morning, the smoothie will be defrosted and ready to blend up fresh! Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side of greens!

3. Greens and Potatoes

Don’t eat green eggs and ham; eat green veggies and potatoes! If you need a nice filling breakfast, then you need this. If you don’t do oil, just leave it out, and enjoy the lovely spice mixture dusting the potatoes and kale. Whoever told you that you can only have pancakes, cereal, or toast for breakfast is perpetrating false propaganda and should be stopped in the name of all things foodie. Silly rabbit, Trix are not for kids or breakfast! Have a hearty mix of potatoes or tubers and greens, a perfect marriage of vegetable goodness for your tummy to happily digest until lunch.

4. Fruits

Whole fruits are easily digested by the body, giving you a burst of energy at any time of day, but breakfast is an exceptionally apt time to eat them. If you have been eating plant-based for a while, 70% of your fridge should be allocated for fruits and veggies, so you should not have a problem whipping up a quick fruit salad, yummy yummy, for breakfast. With all the amazing apple varieties available in the fall, take your pick and chop it up! If you choose a Granny Smith apple, chop it up along with a cucumber (yes, cucumbers are fruits) and a freshly squeezed Meyer lemon for a nice, crisp twist on a fruit salad. If you want to mix your fruits with your veggies, try this scrumptious carrot and date pudding—perfect for your fall cravings of all things orange!

5. Grain Brain

Seize the day with a bowl of grains; it’s sure to please! Breakfast can include more than just oatmeal as a grain. Try quinoa (which isn’t truly a grain) or brown rice instead. This recipe features root veggies and sweet citrus to wake up your senses and get you moving out the door! It may seem like a lunch dish, but don’t be fooled! Quinoa is great any time of day despite its identity issues and weird spelling! Brown rice is a good choice for breakfast too. This recipe showcases the beautiful kabocha squash, wild rice, and sage which again isn’t a part of the traditional breakfast scene, but it definitely should be! If you plan ahead or heat up leftovers from dinner, you can easily include grains into your morning meal.

Image Source: Slow Cooker Vegan Pear Rose Cardamom Cake Oatmeal

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