In a number of shelters across the country, only animals without “problems” are placed up for adoption. As a result, those who are born with differences, suffer from terminal illnesses, or just don’t appear all too “normal” are often euthanized, never getting the chance to have a loving forever home.

Thankfully, not all of these “different” animals end up with the same fate. Some live long, healthy lives, thanks to shelters and rescues that cater specifically to special needs animals like in-home canine nonprofit Panda Paws Rescue (PPR) of Vancouver, Wash.

Founder Amanda Giese and her family – partner Gary Walters and her children, 10-year-old Beast and eight-year-old Jade – run PPR and work with special needs dogs, rehabilitation cases and hospice canines with the goal of helping to end homelessness, abuse, neglect, and the mistreatment of animals both big and small.

As PPR states on Facebook, “It is our duty to give a voice to the voiceless and make a change … To us, every dog deserves to live a pain-free, healthy, happy life … even when they are differently-abled!”

Two of PPR’s newer rescues – boxer puppies Duncan Lou Who and Annie – recently captured our hearts. Truly, who could ever resist these two adorable faces?

Panda Paw Rescue / Facebook

It was late 2013 when Duncan Lou Who came into PPR’s care.

Panda Paw Rescue / Facebook

Born with severely deformed rear legs, the rescue reports that his legs “were completely fused by the time he was 8 weeks [old].” In order to give him a chance at a regular life, Duncan went through a double amputation of his rear legs and has since been doing hydrotherapy and physical therapy to build up his muscle strength.

Panda Paw Rescue / Facebook

Like Duncan, Annie is also a two-legged pooch and she came to PPR just a few weeks ago in early January 2014.

Panda Paw Rescue / Facebook

She was born without her front legs, which has drastically reduced her mobility yet hasn’t stopped her from enjoying life. PPR reports that she is already “doing very well” and that she has quite the “spicy” personality.

Panda Paw Rescue / Facebook

At another facility, Annie and Duncan might never have been given the opportunity to show off their winning personalities and what they can accomplish despite their physical challenges. But since they ended up in the caring hands at PPR, Annie and Duncan Lou Who will be able to be themselves and live out their lives in comfort, peace, and happiness. Just take a look at a few of their adventures so far with PPR in the videos below!

Cute little Annie meets Duncan Lou Who and other PPR rescues

Duncan Lou Who runs like the wind outdoors

Duncan Lou Who plays a friendly game of tug-o-war with Meatball, a rescue dog who has Swimmer Puppy Syndrome


Craving some more adorable videos? Check out Panda Paws Rescue’s YouTube channel and keep up with Duncan and Annie through updates via Facebook.

Lead image source: Panda Paw Rescue / Facebook