What is wrong with some people!? A tourist was recently caught on tape carrying a marine animal, likely a dolphin, over his shoulder in Hailing Island, China. The video was originally posted to Miaopai, a popular Chinese video sharing site. The video has gained nearly six million views with hundreds of comments condemning the man for his callous actions.

An initial investigation by the local fisheries bureau indicates that the animal washed ashore, covered in wounds and deceased. After several reports from local residents about the incident, the Guangdong Provincial Fisheries Bureau has launched an official investigation. The man took the mammal to his car and drove away, according to the official investigation report.


“The man, thought to be a tourist on the island, was then seen to have carried the dolphin away on his car … he will be punished when he is identified,” an official said to Newsweek.

This is absolutely NOT okay to do. The man has violated rules of wildlife protection, according to China’s Law of Wildlife Protection. Citizens are not allowed to hunt, kill, sell, or keep protected species, even if they are deceased, according to the Daily Mail. In addition, dolphins are highly intelligent animals and have complex emotions. “If one of their own is captured, other dolphins will suffer from depression,” said Keith Guo, press officer at PETA Asia, to MailOnline.

The man should have called authorities for help or should have simply let the animal be. We hope that this incident will serve as a reminder to LEAVE WILDLIFE ALONE! If you ever happen to come across an abandoned, hurt, or stranded animal, please call the appropriate organization. For a list of animal rescue hotlines, click here.