Sir Roger Moore is dusting off the old James Bond suit and is taking on yet another mission for good…convince the Queen to ban animal circuses from the U.K. Teaming up with fellow actor, Imelda Staunton, the pair is standing up for the rights of circus animals who have been waiting since 2012 to obtain their freedom.

Both Staunton and Moore have been honored by the Queen of England and are urging her to include a definitive commitment to banning wild animal circuses in the U.K. in her upcoming speech at the State Opening of Parliament.

When initial legislation to ban circus animals was put into place in 2012, the British government intended to have the measures go into play “at the earliest convenience” (how very British). However, since the Wild Animals in Circuses ban was drafted this past April, very little has been done to turn the proposed ban into law.

The Prime Minister has already shown his willingness to support the ban, after receiving a letter from 75 celebrities calling him to see the legislation become law. Now it is just a matter of getting the Queen on board to ensure that these plans to ban wild animal circuses happen sooner rather than later.

Moore and Staunton have written a letter to the Queen illustrating their concern that despite the string of promises that have been made to pass the ban, it will never actually be put in place if she does not demonstrate her support.

The British are notorious for being polite and never pushy, but this ban shouldn’t be stalled because it is not “convenient” for circus owners to stop abusing their animals!

Image source: Jean Housen/Wikimedia Commons