Temples of worship bring solace to many. Whether it’s to pray or find shelter from life’s many troubles, thousands flock to these sacred structures. While it’s unlikely that animals can perceive the cultural and societal significance these buildings hold, it’s tempting to feel that this is was case in the video above.

Wounded and shivering in the corner, Punkin, the dog was discovered in a temple in India. The pup didn’t move an inch when Animal Aid Unlimited crew members entered the religious building. In fact, he was so deeply traumatized and weak upon Animal Aid’s arrival, that the rescue team was able to lift the poor pup and transport him to their facilities without any resistance. Having lost a significant amount of blood and as a result becoming dangerously dehydrated, Punkin received IV fluids for several days before stabilizing.


After a deep wound cleaning and four weeks of careful monitoring, Punkin became a totally different pup!

As troubling as it is to these sweet animals in distress, and knowing that hundreds of homeless animals lead a similarly difficult life, it sure is beautiful to see their recovery. We’re glad that Punkin was smart enough to find somewhere warm and covered to start his recovery, and that Animal Aid found him well enough to continue it. Learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited’s work by visiting their website and maybe even consider donating to their wonderful cause!