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Editor (Green/Eco Living)

Is This You?

Contrary to what the illustrious and revered Kermit T. Frog says, it’s totally easy being Green. You just need to know where to start! That’s where I come in, I show you how to be a savvy consumer, fierce fashionista, creative do-it-yourselfer and all around kick-ass person without animal products, GMOs, waste, artificial chemicals, additives, pesticides or any other mystery madness. Kiss those scary, additive filled products good-bye and learn how to DIY! (Actually, don’t kiss them. You don’t want your lips on those. Seriously, I care about you. Step away from the chemistry experiment that is your floor polish. Shhh, it’s okay. We can do this together.)

About the Role

One Green Planet is a fast-growing media start up focused on compassionate and conscious living.

We are looking for talented individuals (Editorial Assistants, Assistant Editors, and experienced Editors) who are passionate about all things conscious living (natural/eco-friendly/vegan products, DIY home and beauty, wellness, cruelty-free shopping, etc.) to focus on our Life Monster (Lifestyle) Category.


  • Generate ideas for new features and collaborative posts for the Life Monster category.
  • Write, edit, format, and proofread articles + perform layout and fact-checking tasks and editorial research.
  • Editorial coordination, including planning and communicating with editorial team members, and bloggers.


  • Between 3-7 years relevant editorial work experience.
  • A college degree in a related field, and strong research, proofreading and writing skills.
  • A quick learner with a solid understanding of social media platforms and blogging tools.
  • Ability to function in a fast paced environment, handle multiple projects, meet deadlines and communicate well.
  • Entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit.
  • Creative writing voice that translates to web-speak.
  • A demonstrated passionate for conscious and compassionate living (i.e.Green Monster), with a sense of humor!
  • Ability to generate content ideas quickly and to think visually: Light photo editing skills a plus.


  • Candidate must be located in NYC/the Tri-state Area or willing to relocate at their own cost.

Application Details

  • Send an email to team AT onegreenplanet DOT org with the following:
    • A cover letter explaining why you are specifically interested in working for One Green Planet
    • Include links/attachments to your writing samples, social media accounts and resume, along with 5 DIY/green living article ideas.
    • What is your salary expectation for this role?
    • We would love for you to participate in our  #imagreenmonster challenge here: