Warning: the video above contains sensitive material that may be distressing to some viewers.

Unfortunately, dog testing is actually quite common in the United States. According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), 60,000 dogs are used for laboratory testing each year at about 350 facilities around the country. HSUS investigated the Charles River Laboratories while undercover from April 2018 to August 2018. Yesterday, they released a video of their findings showing how dozens of dogs are being harmed and killed for toxicity tests.


The tests taking place during the investigation were done by Dow’s Corteva Agriculture, who have since defended themselves. They both stated that their animal testing follows all regulations and is only being done because it is required by the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency of Brazil. But if companies themselves prefer not to test on animals as they implied, should they sell their products in places that require it? Even more to the point, why is dog testing legal?

Beagles, many of which are seen in the video have been legally used for testing in the United States since 1951. Currently, Dow’s Corteva Agriculture have 36 beagles at the Charles River Laboratories that they are force-feeding fungicides in the form of capsules. This testing program will end in July, but these dogs are being hurt daily and so many die during the testing process. The testing involves painful surgeries, forced ingestions, device implantations, and not to mention a lonely, dreadful life in a barren cage. The Humane Society is asking that the 36 dogs they are calling “The Dow Beagles” be released immediately, and you can add your voice to this demand by signing their petition.

Update (3/19/19): The petition was successful and Dow agreed to release the 36 beagles! They posted the following statement on Twitter.

Update (8/5/19): Brazil changed it’s requirements, eliminating the controversial one-year toxicity test conducted on dogs!

To take more action against dog testing, sign this petition demanding the end of experimental testing on dogs by the Veteran Affairs.


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