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Elephants are losing a vicious battle against the greed of humankind. Despite being herbivores who do not pose a dangerous threat to humans, they are often the target of horrific abuse, torture, and murder. Most people are aware that poaching is killing off elephants and leaving behind orphans, but not many people realize that the tourism industry is another major contributor to the demise of these gentle giants.

Similar to circuses, the elephant tourism industry (elephant trekking, elephant baths, etc.) uses and abuses elephants and forces them to perform unnatural behaviors. In order to make the animals submit, they are often kidnapped when they are young, locked up in restraints and heavy chains, while handlers torture them with whips and bullhooks in order to make them fear people and submit to orders.

In the above video, we see what goes on behind the bright signs that promote elephant trekking and baths. Undercover footage shared by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand reveals a female elephant at a tourist attraction in South Thailand who is blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other … but is still being forced to carry massive loads of tourists on her back each and every day. When she does not obey orders during the work day, she is brutally whipped and beaten in the face, trunk, head, and feet for hours while she is chained up and cannot escape.

This shocking degree of abuse is difficult to watch, but it is a sad reality for many animals in the world. If you would like to learn more about how you can become involved in saving Thailand’s wild animals, visit the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand Facebook page. These tourist attractions will be forced to shut down once people stop visiting them, so make sure you never support businesses that exploit animals for a profit.

Many tourists, in search for the perfect selfie on the back of an elephant to garner likes on social media, fail to think about what life is like for the elephants. As if the horrific abuse is not enough to deter people, the elephant tourism industry often results in accidents that seriously injure and kill humans as well as elephants. Please help spread the truth about the elephant tourism industry and share this with your network.

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23 comments on “Undercover Footage Reveals Horrific Abuse Inflicted on Blind Trekking Elephant in Thailand (VIDEO)”

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15 Days ago

i hope this elephant crushes the fcking piece of shit to death that beat him. when will it end

John Pasqua
17 Days ago


Stephen Metcalf
17 Days ago

Keep your ass's off the elephants People!!!!

Mary Sulaiman
17 Days ago


Soila Susanna Immonen
17 Days ago

I truly hope we will get end for these tourist attractions where using animals as attraction,it's cruel and unbelievable that still happening in this century!!!also the government should ban all this and start to protect these wild animals by building them sanctuaries with they natural habitat and that way attract tourist to come and visit and observe these animals living in their natural form without disturbing them any kind of ways!!!

Harley Robert
18 Days ago

What is the name of the tourist "attraction" where this was filmed? Must publicize so that it can be called out and put out of business.

Kelly Gibbons Clery
18 Days ago

Elephant Nature Park in Thailand is a wonderful elephant sanctuary to visit there! They are doing amazing things for elephants and all sorts of other animals. You can have an up close experience without causing them harm. Look them up !

Sonja Rebuck
18 Days ago

Don't support these countries...Don't vacation and spend money there

Gregory J. Green
18 Days ago

Animals weren't created to torture and abuse!

Wendy Szucs
18 Days ago

Sick savages people stop riding these poor elephants


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