For the everyday busy bee, power bars are a wonderfully convenient snack to have around. They can be thrown into a bag and eaten at any time, usually have an impressive amount of protein, and are chock full of good-for-you ingredients (the healthy ones are, at least). While there are a ton of energy bars on the market, if you have a food restriction or preference, things can get a little tricky. Nuts, for instance, seem to be in every bar nowadays, whether in whole form or as a nut butter. And it makes sense, nuts have good fats and are protein-rich, why wouldn’t companies be using them? That being said, it’s totally possibly to find a nutritious and delicious energy bar without any nuts included. From fruits and seeds to cacao and superfoods, there are plenty of other great ingredients that can be subbed in for nuts. So, rejoice nut-free eaters! Here are 14 bars that prove that you don’t need dairy, nuts, or nut butters to make a good energy bar.