Ever wondered what your dog was thinking? Well, you may soon find out now that No More Woof has secured just over its $10,000 crowdfunding goal on IndieGoGo with 57 days left on the campaign no less.

The product is still in the concept phase, as Engadget reports, but it shows some promise in translating “animal thoughts into human language,” the campaign page says.


So what on earth is this device?

Well, you should first know that it’s made by the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, who has developed other interesting yet bizarre inventions such as a lamp that recreates weather through the use of liquid nitrogen, suction, and light and the iRock (a rocking chair with an iPhone/iPad attachment so that you can rock and text or search the web, because who wouldn’t want that?). So why not try to make a device that translates dog thoughts into human language, right?

We know we’re intrigued, especially since it makes dogs look like telemarketers.

And wouldn’t you answer your home phone more often if you knew that on the other end there was a cute pooch speaking to you?


Anyways, the device fits snugly on the head of any dog and is non-intrusive in nature, so no animals were harmed in the making of it or even during its use (phew!). The canine headset features EEG recorders that connect to a small Raspberry Pi computer and a loudspeaker, that Engadget says, “supposedly [allow] ‘iconic current flows’ in a dog’s brain to be translated into human speech.”

The device developers state that they have so far discovered thought patterns of “I’m tired,” I’m hungry,” and intense brain activity when a dog sees a new face, translated as “Who ARE you?”

The lowest priced model will run for around $65 while more expensive versions will “be able to recognize other behaviors and thoughts” beyond basic ones, Digital Journal reports. For a short introduction to the product, be sure to watch the video below.


Our one question is: when will they make it for cats (because wouldn’t you want to know what these chatter boxes are saying)? Or, better yet, farm animals – because perhaps if we could hear their thoughts, maybe then the world would see that they don’t deserve to endure what they do in factory farms.

Green Monsters: What do you think of this device? Would you buy it for your dog?


Image source: Engadget