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Having a sore throat can make you sound like you have a cool radio voice, but that scratchy, tender, swollen feeling is uncomfortable and the thought of having to swallow is unbearable.  Ouch!!

When you feel the unpleasant and annoying feeling coming on, you either make an appointment with your Doctor or visit the emergency room.  And you have company;  2.4 million other people in the United States have throat related issues per year.

Basically, a sore throat is, an inflammation of the pharynx, it is part of the digestive and respiratory system.  The cause of your sore throat is from a viral infection such as a cold or flu or from a bacterial infection like strep throat.  If it is a viral infection you can treat the symptoms, but if it is a bacterial infection they usually need to be treated with antibiotics.

Some of things that might be causing your sore throat is that habit called smoking, those pesky allergies that you get in the spring or fall, all that singing and shouting that you were doing at the last music concert, sporting event or karaoke night!!  It also could be that you have infected tonsils, food allergies, polyps or cancer.  If you get sore throats frequency, this might be something you want to look into.

If you are starting to feel a sore throat coming on, you might want to try these natural remedies to get rid of that scratchy swollen throat and painful swallow.

1. Thayers Slippery Elm Lozenges


Slippery Elm or also called Ulmus rubra may help to soothe the digestive tract.  Thayers Slippery Elm Lozenges speed relief to the throat and mouth. They are also free of preservatives, gluten, lactose and sodium.