This raw ganache is super easy to make and involves 4 ingredients – cashews, sweetener, orange, and chocolate. My kind of recipe and so delicious! It melts in your mouth and makes you crave for more after every bite. Take a bite. You won’t regret it.

Hearty Raw Chocolate Ganache [Vegan]




Cooking Time




  • 2 cups soaked cashews
  • 2 tablespoons honey or agave
  • orange zest
  • 2 raw chocolate bars


  1. Soak the cashews for 1-10 hours.
  2. Melt the first chocolate bar in a water bath.
  3. Blend the cashews with the sweetener and orange zest until nice and creamy.
  4. Add the melted chocolate and mix well.
  5. Pour in molds and keep in the fridge. It will need between 1-2 hours to set.
  6. Remove from the molds, melt the other chocolate and pour it over.
  7. Place in the fridge for another 30-60 minutes and serve cold. Preferably with a ball of raw ice cream on the side.


Chocolate hints. You have two options here – to buy raw one from the store or to make your own raw chocolate following my recipe here. I did both and the second one looked much more better, it’s actually the one you see in the photo. I just picked the wrong raw chocolate from the store, it was too bitter and when I melted it looked like it has nuts in it… not the smooth shiny chocolate I needed. So I through it out and made my own chocolate. The hint is if you decide to go for the store chocolate – pick wisely and skip the ones that have nuts in the ingredients list.