Everyone needs some quick vegan meals on hand for busy days, but making healthy meals can seem intimidating. The truth is, they actually make cooking a breeze! When you stick to whole foods, cooking is quite easy. If you’re tired of sandwiches and salads, try out these 10 quick vegan meals for your next breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, or dessert; there’s a little something here for everyone! A great idea is to rotate a few through the week, or try a new one each day to see which ones are your favorite. Feel free to put your own spin on these, come up with new creative flavor options, and have fun with it!

Make healthy eating fast, delicious, and fun with these versatile and simple recipes!

1. Organic Burst Smoothies

Organic Burst Smoothies

Aren’t these gorgeous? Even if you don’t have the superfoods called for in this recipe on hand, you can still enjoy this smoothie! Just use what fruits you have, add in some greens for chlorophyll in place of the wheatgrass (spinach is undetectable!), blend, and go! Smoothies are the ultimate healthy morning meal when you make them yourself. Skip those pricey to-go smoothies, save time and money, and take 2 minutes to make your own each morning — you’ll be so glad you did!

2. Simple, Creamy Leek Potato Soup (in just 30 minutes!)

Leek Potato Soup

Even if it’s not winter, on a rainy day, soup just fits the bill — plain and simple. It’s soothing, cozy, and goes down pretty easily. But who wants to spend hours over a stove or buy prepared canned soup with tons of additives and sodium? Let’s go with something else instead. This potato leek soup is filling, nutritious, and can be put together in just 30 minutes. Let it cook when you get home from work at night, and be sure to make extra servings for quick leftovers all week. What a great lunch or dinner dish to come home to for ultimate comfort!

3. 3 Minute Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl

Acai bowls are pretty trendy, but that’s not all these creative breakfast dishes have going for them; they’re also nutritious and fast to put together. In fact, this 3 Minute Acai Bowl is as quick as you could ask for from something so healthy and pretty. Acai is filled with great omega 3 fats, antioxidants, and makes a for a filling morning meal. Here it’s paired with avocado for some extra healthy fats and even more indulgent creaminess. Top it with whatever you have on hand such as goji berries, cacao nibs, flax or chia seeds, or even just a sliced banana and nut butter if that’s more your thing. You can find pure unsweetened acai packs in the freezer department of your local health food store, normally sold where the vegan ice cream is located.

4. Quinoa Fruit Salad

Quinoa Fruit Salad

Think you don’t have time to make something this pretty for breakfast or a snack? Think again! All you have to do is have some prepared quinoa on hand, and the rest of the ingredients in this recipe will take care of everything else. Quinoa can be topped with fruit, seeds, nut butter, or any other ingredients you typically put on oatmeal. Give it a try as an alternative to prepacked cereals for something new to try and something healthy at that. Even if you prepare the quinoa fresh, it’s still quick-cooking and normally cooks up in about 15 minutes. Quinoa flakes are even faster, which normally only take 3-5 minutes like quick oats.

5. Sunflower Banana Muffins

Sunflower Banana Muffins

Mornings aren’t easy, but muffins sure make them more manageable. The thing is, most grocery store, prepared muffins are filled with sugar, refined oils, and loaded with other scary, unhealthy ingredients. Nix those and try some wholesome, still delicious muffins instead. These whole grain muffins are made with spelt, which is highly tolerated, even among those that can’t enjoy typical wheat-based products but aren’t diagnoese with celiac disease . They’re also rich in antioxidants thanks to the sunflower seeds added, not to mention healthy fats too. Keep a batch of these in the freezer, thaw for 30 minutes on the counter while you’re getting ready in the morning, and there you go — breakfast is done!

6. High Protein Cacao Nib Cookie Dough Bites

Cacao Nib Cookie Dough Bites

Need a high protein snack? These chocolate-filled delights fit the bill. Raw cacao nibs are a great alternative to processed chocolate whether you’re vegan or not. They’re higher in antioxidants, have no sugar, and are more satisfying. They’re also a good source of amino acids, healthy fats, and dietary iron. Here they’re combined with nuts and oats to make them more filling and up the protein factor. Keep some in the fridge for pre-workout or post-workout treats!

7. Nutritious Chili Salad

Chili Salad

Make this salad a few days ahead of time in one big batch. Then keep it on hand all week so you can grab, serve, and eat. It’s so filling and the ingredients will all keep rather nicely in the fridge. Just be sure to use ripe avocados, and eat the salad within 3-4 days for the best flavor. Filled with protein, fiber, healthy fats, and a variety of vitamins and minerals, this nutritious salad can’t be beat! There’s also a little spice added to kick up the flavor, but feel free to tone it down if you’re not into spicy foods.

8. Banana-Strawberry Dillas

Banana-Strawberry Dillas

Want a fast, easy breakfast or snack? Take some sprouted grain, whole grain, or even coconut-based wraps, and spread on your choice of nut butter. Then slice up a ripe banana, place it on the wrap, and add a few strawberry slices on top of those. Cover with one more wrap, slice into halves or quarters, and you’ve got yourself one great breakfast, snack, or even a healthy dessert! You can also grill these if you want them warm and gooey for a more decadent option. Try these Banana-Strawberry Dillas for a new way to enjoy a healthy, plant-based dish!

9. Overnight Oats With Tahini and Raspberries

Overnight Oats With Tahini and Raspberries

Breakfast can be both healthy and fast if you keep a few batches of overnight oats in the fridge. These aren’t just quick to grab and eat at home, but also great for on-the-go breakfasts. Or, take them with you in a small lunch bag and tote them to the office with you to eat breakfast  there if you have to be in super early and aren’t ready to eat yet. Overnight oats even make for great snacks and pre-workout meals (a couple hours in advance) if you need to take them to work with you and you like to work out later in the day. They can alos be customized any way you like, but we’d suggest trying this healthy recipe made with raspberries and tahini for some antioxidants, protein, iron, and a delicious flavor!

10. Two Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Two Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

And for all those looking for a fast, healthy dessert, these cups are it! If you love Reese’s and want something free of chemicals and refined sugar, you’ll love that these cups have just two ingredients: raw cacao or vegan dark chocolate and natural peanut butter — that’s it! These can be made in a big batch ahead of time in under 5 minutes and can be enjoyed anytime during the week when you need a sweet fix. It’s not necessary to spend loads of time on dessert, especially with no-bake or raw vegan options. Embrace them and love them for the miracles that they are!

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Lead Image Source: Banana-Strawberry Dillas