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It goes without saying that we here at One Green Planet love us some vegan dessert — and we think it’s safe to say that most are right there with us. Whether we’re reaching for a slice of decadent pumpkin spice cheesecake or a whole foods, plant-based cookie, we crave it all.

Sometimes, though, we like to take an already good dessert and jazz it up with some toppings. We’ll add a spread of Apple Cinnamon Walnut Butter on top of No-Bake Sweet Potato Bars or these Fudgy Chocolate Chickpea Squares, for example. It’s just a little something extra that makes the indulgence all the more worth it. Today, we’re going to talk about one dessert-enhancing recipe in particular from the Food Monster App. Check it out!

This Southern Pecan Caramel Sauce by Lisa Lotts is the perfect topping for all of your seasonal vegan treats.

This recipe is for a decadent, dairy-free caramel sauce that’s filled with toasted pecans and rich coconut milk. It tastes just like pecan pie filling, without the crust! Perfect on ice cream, on top of pumpkin pie, or by the spoonful — we’re not here to judge, just to provide you with lots of mouthwatering vegan recipes.

To learn about even more ways to make vegan caramel sauce, read How to Make Caramel Sauce Without Dairy.

Need more inspiration? Check out our Food Monster app, which features over 8,000 plant-based recipes with new ones added daily. The app is available on iPhone and Android, as well as Facebook and Instagram. This app is perfect not only for vegan recipes, but also for allergen-free ideas, how-tos, cooking tips, product reviews, and articles.

Lead image source: Southern Pecan Caramel Sauce