The YES Bar, infamous for creating delicious grain-free and paleo snacks, is now looking to tap into the vegan market. The company responsible for allergy-friendly bars with real, whole food ingredients will now be offering two vegan bars in the flavors, dark chocolate chip and salted maple pecan!

The new flavors are made of a special blend of nuts and seeds, natural sweeteners, and decadent spices like cinnamon, sea salt, and vanilla.


YES bar products typically use organic honey as one of their ingredients, but the new vegan flavors will utilize organic coconut nectar and natural maple syrup for a plant-based alternative. Besides being vegan, these bars are also free from preservatives and additives, processed forms of protein, and refined sugar, as they sweeten their products naturally. YES bars are suitable for those who suffer from gluten, corn, dairy, soy, egg, or peanut allergies as well!

The decision to carry a plant-based bar came about after nationally testing the product at independent, specialty grocers. The taste and texture were tested by consumers, and the demand for a vegan option became clear.

YES bar has truly created a unique product that is not only healthier than most bars out there on the market, but it also has its own artisanal flare! Each bar is shaped and baked like a cookie, giving the consumer a special snacking experience.

In addition to offering 2 new vegan options, the company has also worked to redesign their packaging while creating compostable point-of-sale boxes!


YES bars new vegan flavors sound absolutely delicious!

Are you interested in making your own bars?

If you cannot find YES bars in your local specialty grocery, why not make your own using these recipes from our Food Monster App?

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These Almond Energy Bars are free from wheat, refined sugar, dairy, and soy, and packed with plant-based protein. They also contain an assortment of nuts and seeds like pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and chia and sesame seeds!

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These copycat cliff bars taste like the real thing without all the refined sugar, grain, and processed ingredients. This bar is perfect to eat before or after a workout!


Chamomile Ginger Lemon Raw Energy Bars

This raw chamomile ginger lemon bar is a perfect option for all the raw foodies! The addition of the dried chamomile makes these bars extra special!

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Lead image source: Instagram / @theyesbar