Musician and long-time activist Will. I.Am is fighting the good fight on social media and pushing for his audience to understand the reasons behind his veganism and why they should examine their own diets and lifestyles. Last year, the star said goodbye to all animal products in an effort to regain his health. Since, he has been very outspoken about his choices, the environment, and the animals.

Now, in an Instagram video post shared on his page, he urges his viewers to understand that eating the wrong foods (animal-based foods) can make people sick, which leads them to take medications which then profits the government’s agenda. He says, “For many years, I would go to sleep and wake up tired. That’s because my body was processing God knows what kind of crazy, wicked s*** that was approved. So, in going vegan, I realized there’s like this, militia. There’s a force out there – a dark force – that is doing a very good job of keeping us all sick.”

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In the video, he also stated, “Your body makes acid to break down mucus, you make mucus because you’re eating things you shouldn’t eat. And there’s a pill for it. They’re doing a good job beating us all up – both on nutrition, giving us the wrong information on what’s good for us, and then providing us some magical little pill.”

Natural Foods That Help Cleanse The Body Of Mucus7 Natural Foods That Help Cleanse the Body of Mucus

Mucus contains an enzyme that helps break down pathogens we encounter daily through the environment, our food, or when our immune systems sense that they are under attack. This is why certain foods produce mucus, and why when you’re sick you produce more. When too much mucus is being produced, it means there is something wrong with what we’re putting into our bodies. Here are 7 Natural Foods That Help Cleanse The Body of Mucus.

If you want to be as conscious of what you’re putting into your body as Will.I.Am is, then check out the ample health benefits of joining The V-Gang.

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Embracing a Plant-Based Dietplant based diet health benefits

Animal foods are ten times more processed than even the most processed plant-based foods. As a result, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are some of the risks when eating animal foods. A plant-based diet helps to lower all these things while providing you with unmatched energy, overall lower body weights, and better blood sugar levels. For more information, check out 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Embracing A Plant-Based Diet.

Still unsure of what to purchase for this transition? We’ve got you covered.

Plant Based Grocery Store Listplant based grocery list vegan groceries

From fresh fruit to hearty grains and leafy vegetables, this mega Plant Based Grocery Store List will make grocery shopping easy and have you well on your way to feeling healthier. All of these whole foods can be found in our recipes on the site.

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