Chickpeas are the best little brain-shaped beans around! They are so versatile and full of protein and good for you nutrients. Two cups of these smart beans provides your entire recommended daily value of fiber. One cup provides 29 percent of your daily value (DV) of protein, 84.5 percent DV of manganese, and 70.5 percent DV of folate. Chickpeas are full of antioxidants, good-for-your heart compounds, and help to regulate your blood sugar levels. That’s why they are a healthy eater’s best friend! They are nutritious and delicious!

Quick! List ten ways chickpeas can be used! How did you do? If you got all ten of these below, then you, my friend, are awesome sauce because when I was writing this, I got stumped by number seven. Perhaps you’re even hopelessly addicted to chickpea hummus? Never fear, because this is one addiction we can get behind. One Green Planet has a plethora of recipes with chickpeas — check out all of the ways chickpeas can cater to your healthy diet!


1. Hummus, hummus, and more hummus!

What’s the amazing spread that has gotten quite a religious following of late? Hummus! It’s everywhere nowadays, but if you don’t want to buy it, you can make it yourself with, you guessed it, chickpeas. This recipe has you covered and only takes about 20 minutes to prepare. What more could you want?

2. Grain and Bean Combos

I eat rice (quinoa) and beans so much that my family has a song about it (I know, we are a bunch of weirdos), but my favorite combination is quinoa and chickpeas. Allegedly, combining rice or some other grain with beans makes it a complete protein, as all the amino acids are represented, so eating the two simultaneously is a nutritionally good idea.

This recipe doesn’t explicitly call for chickpeas, but nix the oil and cashews and shove some cooked chickpeas in it, and I guarantee it will be delicious. Or, just steam some brown rice, whip open a carton of beans, dance to your fridge, and get the low-sodium tamari, and combine the three for a divine dining experience (psst, hummus is great with this too…more chickpea goodness).

3. Ground Up to Make Breads

I just made some of this this morning: garbanzo bean bread is a delicious alternative to regular bread because (drum roll, please) it is gluten-free. All you need to make said bread is garbanzo bean flour, flax seed, and baking soda. You may not have the first ingredient enumerated, but I bet you have the latter two! Here’s a recipe to make this scrumptious bread.


4. Brownies

Add chickpeas to delicious brownie recipes like this one for an added protein punch. Or, try this fully chickpea-centered recipe by the same author for a great alternative.

5. Soups

Soup is a food that’s been around for centuries, but what about bean soup, specifically chickpea bean soup? Well, if you want to shake up the old favorite, try this recipe. It’s a raw stew (cool, right?) which kind of sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not in this case. Try it out and see how delicious it is!


6. Roasted chickpeas

Roasted or toasted chickpeas are crunchy and yummy, I don’t care who you are. This recipe will show you how to roast chickpeas and how to put them on a delicious salad!

7. Salads

Salad, that is, of the green and leafy variety (lettuce) or the thick and creamy variety (fake egg or tuna salad) is a great quick meal. For normal green salad, try putting roasted or simply steamed chickpeas on top for a decent amount of protein and an interesting flavor combination. For a creamy salad akin to potato salad and egg salad, try this recipe. This final recipe is of the wilty green variety and is comfortably warm with potatoes and spinach and the little brain-shaped chickpea.


8. Stir Fries

Just add cooked chickpeas to this stir fry recipe or any other stir fry that suits you to spice things up. Chickpeas are meaty, and so, in vegetable stir fries, they provide much needed textural contrast, plus they soak up the flavor of the sauce.

9. Falafels

Falafel tacos, anyone? What about chickpea balls? They are both incredibly awesome and are just more ways that chickpeas can be used.

10. Food Storage

Having dried chickpeas around the house is ideal for food storage purposes. These beans don’t take up too much room and they are easy to cook, so it is good to have them dry and handy, in case a natural disaster occurs or for other emergency situations. If you want to cook up your chickpeas and store them in sealed mason jars, check out this link on how to cook them.

With versatility like this, it’s no wonder we can call chickpeas a healthy eater’s best friend!

Image source: Chickpea Balls