Stuck in a lunch rut? Sick of opening that brown bag to the same old sandwich? You’ve come to the right place! Depending on how you like to eat, there are seven days worth of awesome plant-based lunch ideas at your very fingertips, just waiting to make your co-workers jealous.

When the day gets crazy and deadlines are looming, it’s so tempting to skip lunch. Unfortunately, doing that will only set you up for a powerful afternoon slump that can lead to reaching for the first junk food, sugary, over-processed thing you can get your hands on. Powering up in the middle of your day with something hearty and wholesome will not only fuel your body, but your mind too.


Take a quick look at the options below if you need some noon-time noshing ideas to add to your repertoire. Congratulations, the hours between breakfast and dinner just got more delicious.