For decades, there have been a few misconceptions surrounding vegan food, such as it being difficult to make, expensive, and generally lacking in flavor in comparison to food that isn’t vegan. Here at One Green Planet, we know that’s not true. It’s entirely possible to stay vegan, even if you’re on a budget, and bonus — you don’t have to skip on dessert, either.

While vegan cheesecake, which is typically made from a base of cashews or canned coconut milk, can be expensive to make, there are so many ways that you can make a simple, delicious treat without going over your budget. Just check out the video above to see how!


In this video, one of our awesome Food Monster bloggers, Melanie Sorrentino, of the YouTube channel AnarchistKitchen shows us how easy it is to make vegan desserts. Melanie knows a thing or two about keeping it simple. She once lived in a tiny house in the woods for a year and the tagline behind her blog, Rich Bitch Cooking, is “Simple. Easy. Cheap.” So trust us when we say that she keeps her recipes down-to-earth and accessible to all, no matter what your budget or culinary skill level is.

“We love Melanie’s recipes. She shows us how incredibly inexpensive, delicious, simple, and healthy making vegan desserts can be,” said Preeta Sinha, co-founder of One Green Planet and creator of the Food Monster brand and app.

As you can see in the video, she uses nothing more than a small kitchen scale, a blender, and a stovetop or microwave, to create three decadent no-bake vegan desserts that you would likely pay $8 for in a restaurant. Literally, the no-bake brownies she makes take just three ingredients: dates, almond flour, and cocoa powder.

Get the recipes here:


Don’t forget to check out Melanie’s page here on One Green Planet and of course, subscribe to AnarchistKitchen on YouTube for more cheap, simple vegan recipes.

Lead image source: Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Bars