When it comes to bacon, it’s known for its crispiness and smoky flavor. However, when it comes to plant-based food, bacon is not the first thing that comes to mind. Well, think again! Anything can be made vegan, and yes, that includes bacon. Its addictive crunchiness is not lost, and in fact, the flavor is enhanced with the variety of vegetables that you can use. We went through the Food Monster App and found 10 vegan bacon recipes that will have you saying “More please!”

1. The Easiest Mushroom Bacon
The Easiest Mushroom Bacon

So here is a super easy, crazy tasty Mushroom Bacon recipe. We hope you leave your fear of the fungi at the door and give this recipe a whirl. This recipe is super forgiving so no stress here.

2. Extra Crispy Rice Paper Bacon
Vegan Extra Crispy Rice Paper Bacon

This Extra Crispy Rice Paper Bacon is the most realistic vegan bacon that will ever meet your tastebuds! The texture is crispy, it has the smoky, salty, sweet flavors of the real thing, and it looks super realistic too. It goes great on the side, inside a sandwich or veggie burger, or just the way it is.

3. Baked Smoky Carrot Bacon
Vegan Baked Smoky Carrot Bacon

Are you ready for carrot bacon? This Baked Smoky Carrot Bacon is deliciously smoky and so easy to make. Thinly sliced carrot strips are marinated in a blend of oil, garlic powder, and smoked paprika, then baked until wavy and slightly crisp. Eat this as a snack or serve it with your favorite tofu scramble.

4. Coconut Bacon
Vegan Coconut Bacon

This Coconut Bacon is a great addition to salads, sandwiches, soups…even desserts! But don’t let me fool you-its addictive. You’ll get to the point where you’ll barely be able to walk by a bag without grabbing a handful of the stuff…or is that just me? The recipe is super easy to make, and a great way to teach non-vegans that we make damn good food too!

5. Jackfruit Bacon
Vegan Jackfruit Bacon

Who would’ve thought that you could take a fruit and make it taste like bacon? Well, with Jackfruit, it’s possible! This tender, fleshy fruit soaks up flavors wonderfully, so when marinated in a smoky, pepper-maple mixture, it tastes just like the meaty favorite. Use this bacon on top of salads and baked potatoes or as a breakfast side dish.

6. Tempeh Bacon
Vegan Tempeh Bacon

Absolutely delicious, smoky, and crisp, this Tempeh Bacon is a cinch to prepare. Once it’s ready, simply stack it in sandwiches along with your favorite fillings. If you have tempeh bacon left over, use it atop a fresh garden salad or even in soup!

7. Homemade TVP Bacon Bits
Vegan Homemade TVP Bacon Bits

Did you know that the bacon bits sold at supermarkets are actually vegan? It’s true. But unfortunately, they’re also riddled with chemicals and dyes. This TVP Bacon Bits recipe on the other hand, simply uses textured vegetable protein, a little salt, and liquid smoke, and boiling water to create a deliciously smoky topping for your salads and baked potatoes. Get more out of your bacon!

8. Crispy Chewy Portobello Bacon
Vegan Crispy Chewy Portobello Bacon

There are many tasty and convenient vegan bacon alternatives you can buy at the store. However, nothing beats the satisfaction (and rich flavor) of making your own homemade bacon. In this particular Crispy Chewy Portobello Bacon recipe, portobello mushrooms are sliced, marinated in a savory tamari-maple mixture, and topped with a sprinkle of smoked paprika and pepper. The result is a deliciously smoky and umami bacon that is perfect for BLTs, topping salads, and stacking on burgers.

9. Spicy Tempeh-Bacon Sweet Potato Hash
Vegan Spicy Tempeh-Bacon Sweet Potato Hash

This Spicy Tempeh-Bacon Sweet Potato Hash is a great way to liven up your breakfast routine. Its spicy flavors are the perfect accompaniment to tofu scrambles and omelets. It’s savory, a little spicy, super filling, and it can be completely customized! Throw in your favorite vegetables and make breakfast exciting again.

10. TLT: Tempeh Lettuce Tomato Sandwich
Vegan TLT: Tempeh Lettuce Tomato Sandwich

This vegan take on a BLT uses tempeh “bacon,” which is what makes it a TLT. Here, the tempeh is seared and crisped to perfect in a maple pepper marinade and them combined with the classic ingredients of lettuce and tomato, with some creamy avocado.

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Lead Image Source: Baked Smoky Carrot Bacon