Anyone who has ever gone out to brunch knows what a mad rush it can be. After all, eating an over-the-top breakfast over the weekend is a great idea, so no wonder so many people are on board for that. Although typical brunchtime fare is heavy on eggs, bacon, and buttered toast, it’s easy to make all of that vegan. But there’s one brunch favorite that requires a little more elbow grease — eggs benedict, a dish consisting of eggs, Canadian bacon, and hollandaise sauce served atop an English muffin. Its true origins are shrouded in mystery, but it is said that it was created on a whim at the request of a hungry stockbroker visiting an NYC hotel. April 16th just happens to be National Eggs Benedict Day, so we can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than with a vegan version — and as it happens, there are a few different ways you can do that.

So while everyone else is waiting in line at your favorite greasy diner for goodness-knows-how-long, you’ll already be digging into one of these homemade vegan eggs Benedict that would make even the most seasoned brunch-goer drool with envy. Go out and get some (groceries so you can make this over the weekend).


1. Tofu Benedict Florentine With Hollandaise Tofu Benedict Florentine With Hollandaise

Tofu Benedict Florentine

When it comes to this awesome Tofu Benedict Florentine by Chris Bartis, less is not more. It starts with a toasted English muffin, followed by sautéed spinach, smoky Portobello bacon, and tofu scramble. Of course, the crowning glory of the whole thing is the hollandaise sauce, and this vegan version does not disappoint! It’s creamy, smooth, eggy (due to the black salt), and has that subtle, trademark tanginess from the lemon juice. Even if it’s not a special occasion, you deserve this.

2. Tofu Benedict With Avocado Hollandaise Tofu Benedict

Tofu Benedict With Avocado Hollandaise

This Tofu Benedict With Avocado Hollandaise by Jackie Ader is the perfect brunch item or breakfast for a special occasion. A rich, creamy, slightly salty, and tangy sauce is slathered all over a crispy, pillowy English muffin. No eggs necessary — it’s made from creamy avocado and a bit of vegan Worcestershire sauce. A heaping tablespoonful on top of some perfectly grilled tender tofu, a slice of fresh tomato, and some peppery arugula all on top of a soft, but crunchy English muffin… This might just be your new favorite breakfast.


3. Polenta Benedict With Coconut Cream
Polenta Benedict

Polenta Benedict With Coconut Cream

There is zero, zilch, nada, no egg in this recipe for Michaell Johnson‘s Polenta Benedict With Coconut Cream. Totally vegan! But it sure looks like eggs Benedict, don’t you think!? The perfect amalgam of traditional meets unusual. Get ready for your taste buds to do a little happy dance.


4. Tofu Benedict Meets Tofu Florentine benny

Tofu Benedict Meets Tofu Florentine

You have got to get some of this Tofu Benedict Meets Tofu Florentine by Sammi McLean into your life. Pan-seared tofu is coated with a sweet, umami sauce made from maple syrup, liquid smoke, and soy sauce and paired with salt-and-pepper sautéed kale. Then, it’s coated with a delicious, buttery hollandaise sauce. Instead of bread, it’s served with a big slice of beefsteak tomato, but if you’re an English muffin aficionado, feel free to go with bread!


5. Tofu Benedict With Mushroom BaconTofu Benedict With Mushroom Bacon

Tofu Benedict

Make yourself something fancy for breakfast or brunch with Heather Poire‘s Tofu Benedict! Firm tofu is sprinkled with an eggy spice blend and cooked until golden, then placed atop a toasted English muffin with mushroom bacon, creamy hollandaise, and greens. The mushroom bacon tastes like sweet and salty goodness, but if you’re not a fan of mushrooms you can swap it out for tempeh bacon. And of course, don’t forget to top it off with some hot sauce and black pepper!

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